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Everyone knows the Zerg… Many people play in the Zerg and roam with it through the RvR lakes, otherwise there would be no Zerg ;)

Hell..Even I join warbands and participate and large scale battles. Is it bad? No.. as long it’s not the only form of ORvR. That’s at least my opinion. It’s fun to do this large scale stuff, but sometimes I just want to go search for some 1vs1 action or small scale fights. There is just one thing hindering me. It’s the size of the RvR-lakes.

When you ride through them, they seem fairly large with enough room for fights, but as you stuff some warbands in them they are so small that you have to stumble upon a warband every few meters (or ft for the non-metric folks ;) ). And seeing those crossed axed just serves as a center of gravity for zergs, attracting them to those scenes and stomp on every opposition. So you can forget the idea of small scale fights in a fought over zone. Everything accumulates to zergs.

One option for smaller parties is to form a group for distraction. No I don’t mean that you serve drinks or do some fancy dancing. What I speak of is entering the RvR lake at a different location and taking BO’s while the enemy is camping at your warcamp.. This might just lead to sacrificing that group, because you can be sure that you will get kicked by at least a warband after taking that BO,  so that the own Zerg can get out of the warcamp.

It seems that on Huss I’m not the only one who wants to fight not only in large scale battles. I was informed yesterday that it’s planned by both realms to agree on a locked zone for small scale battles. So no warbands there, just a zone for 1-6vs. 1-6 battles …

I’m not totally overwhelmed by this idea because it has two weak points..

  • The problem of controlling group sizes. Not everyone might know this is just for smaller groups and/or losing some fights might make people form bigger parties. Everyone has seen this. You win a fight and  short time after that the enemy returns ..if you win again you will not face one, but maybe 2 or more enemies, until you lose.  What about 6 vs. 6 fights where someone (or even a group) is passing by..should he avoid the action because it would make it a 7vs6 fight?
  • With the fights not going on in a contested zone you are not really contributing to the realm effort. Yes it’s sounds soooo 2008 … but this fights in a locked zone just feel like some sort of arena match to me. Compared to a arena it has more elements of random to it, as you don’t go for only 6 vs 6 fights and not exactly define date/location of the fight, but it’s more a duel than a war.

It all reduces to randomness. I want fights against an enemy to have some sort of random element. I don’t want to know beforehand who I fight and how large the enemy forces are. I want to get surprised. I like the RvR lakes. I’m able to chose if I’m in the mood for RvR or I’m in the mood to just bash some mobs, but the action inside the lakes is too foreseeable. Declaring a zone for small scale fights is not the right thing…just a desperate try to avoid RvR being only another word for zergfest.

This makes some fights like yesterday special. In T3 we saw Destruction taking BO’s in the Empire/Chaos pairing and instead of waiting at the keep for them to knock on the door, we waited at one  BO, hiding behind rocks and ambushed them as they tried to kill the mobs. Then we pushed forward and tried to take their keep… My respect goes also to the Destruction players, because they didn’t leave for another pairing nor did they only rushed by to get into the keep and wait for us.. they fought us outside of the keep was a fight. That kind of fights are rare and that’s a shame.


Posted February 27, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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