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Despite my heavy Altitis my Runepriest on Huss dinged yesterday.

Having the flu gave my some time to exp a bit. I’ve searched for a big enemy to get the final exp for it, but changed my mind as I found the Valaya dwarves at Thounder Mountain. So my Valaya specced Runepriest made his final exp for rank 40 when finishing a quest for those dwarves. Not really heroic but I liked it.

Little interesting note: I have completed the quests for chap 19 (though the influence is not full) and partly chapter 20 (also no full influence bar there)..still having some quests open which I will finish when I’m bored.

Edit to the note, i.e. I have only quested in the Dwarven zones, leaving them only for ORvR, Altdorf-stuff and scenarios.


Posted February 26, 2009 by Karic in Dwarves, General

3 responses to “Unbelievable

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  1. Congrats on hitting 40, now it is time to grind renown like it is no bodies business.

    • To be honest.. I’m looking for ways that don’t make it a grind.
      Sometimes it’s fun playing the massive multi-warband fights, but I want to convince some folks to try some group-runs away from the zergs. Let’s see if this works out…

  2. Congrats dude, now you just have to start all over again with your alts. ;)

    -nick / reroller

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