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I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately. It’s the end of the term and I have to put up an exam for the students which is really time-intensive.

The few time I have I spent killing Greenskins, Chaos worshipers and Elves.. Dark Elves.. as it would matter what kind of Elf you kill .. ;)

Night of Murder as every live-event in Warhammer is quiet fun. Mythic learned from the previous live-events and put a not-grindy-feeling live-event to us which is an improvement to the previous ones. It’s a good mixture of RvR-related stuff which doesn’t interfere with ones need to punch someone from the other realm into the face,  though I’m not sure if I will do the NPC-related stuff… There are some mobs in Altdorf running around or I could try to just kill enough keep lords to accomplish that task, but I have the tendency to miss the keep attacks and be more involved in defending it. I think it’s also a great idea that the quest givers for the killing-quest are easy reachable, so that this doesn’t interfere too much with action in ORvR or a scenario.

I’m not the biggest fan of live-events, but I enjoy them somewhat in WAR. Most likely this is due to the fact that those events are Warhammer-Events, not purely real holidays put into the game.

You are free to participate and not everyone around you goes crazy because this and this has to be done to get that and that. So if you don’t like the event your time in the game doesn’t get too much touched by the event which is something I like.

Will I may out my influence bar for this event? Most likely..not ;) I’m not the accomplisher in that terms and I don’t feel the need to fill this up even though the reward might be neat. As soon as it starts to feel too much like work and starts to push me into directions I don’t want to, I stop it.

Side Note: I like to hunt for tome unlocks, but I see it from a different angle then some folks out there. I don’t use any addon that tells me where those unlocks are. I search for them by myself..

If I’m in the mood for it. If not.. then I shouldn’ t get them anyway.  So under no circumstances I will be able to unlock everything, but I like it more to stumble over fewer things than to know 100% what to do for a certain unlock. So I’m sometimes more in the Explorer-mood when I do this unlock-hunts and not in a Accomplisher-mood. As this is personal preference I don’t state that this is the way people should search for tome unlocks (and everyone who is using addons for tome unlocks would be a bad person ;) ). It’s just my style and I can understand why people try to max out every influence bar and get every tome unlock.


Posted February 11, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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