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Warning.. just a vent-post..

So..subscriber numers are out  (Source) and as can be expected.. people point at each other, make bad comments/statements and fight like 3 year olds because they are playing the better game or the other game is just an epic fail..

To be honest.. I’m with Regis there and I want to go further. 300k is not a dramatic high number and most likely a lot less than Mythic/EA hoped for, but I couldn’t care less. The number that are important to me is the pop on my server..Every other subscriber number is just unimportant. Did it make my time in WoW different when it had 4M subscribers or 9M? I didn’t feel any change and the expansion/content-update rate didn’t increase with more subscribers.. So as a player this are a more or less irrelevant numbers. What I really don’t get is the boost of the own ego to play a game with many subscribers… It’s not bragging of the own accomplishments, but of the companies marketing?!

I should be old enough to see that kind of discussion among WoW and WAR players coming, but nevertheless I still want to hit my head on the table when I see people arguing why they think WAR failed and they left.

They left because they didn’t like the game. That’s ok, not everyone has the same taste… But you have to respect that other players might like the game. After I left WoW I didn’t yelled at anyone who still played that game. Is it too much to ask someone to respect others gaming preferences?

Things get worse when people who left the game 2 month ago argue what went wrong. WAR changed in the last two month by a great amount and is heading imo into a even better future. There are even some points where it’s already good, but people don’t see it as such, e.g. PvE.

Is PvE the crown juwel of WAR? Most likely not, but I think that it’s considerably better than most people think. The system of PQ’s, tome unlocks, solo quests and dungeons is great if you take your time to experience them.

What do I mean with that? E.g. Solo quest: There are those kill ten fozzle quests.. yes. There are also epic quests, though they don’t feel epic in T1, but.. if you take your time to read them you are presented with a wonderful story. The quest texts in WAR are better than most of the people think because they just skip the story-text and go to the to-do text. If you turn this around.. read the story-text and skip the to-do part.. than the solo questing gets much better. I must admit that the existence of quest hubs is making it hard to read all story texts, because you get such a big amount of new quests and you want to just start questing and not reading tons of text, but you should try it.

PQ’s are obviously great if you get a team to complete them. Tome unlocks for finding some stuff which is off the path is a great thing if you like to go around and explore stuff.  I still don’t use tome-addons because I want to stumble over those things. This way I will most likely get not all unlocks..but they are mine. This exploration stuff is a great addition to Quests, but many people don’t see this as PvE content.

I like the dungeons in WAR a lot…Everytime I was in a dungeon I had fun. No matter if I got a good item or not. Yesterday I even helped a guild mate in Altdorf sewers with my R36 Runepriest and it was still fun. Maybe that’s the difference between me and some of those hardcore-PvE’ers (Is it too harsh to call them gear-grind friends ?), I can have a good time in a dungeon without an ingame reward. It can be just fun and that it reward least to me.

Side note: There are some mob-behavior issues. Yes, but if aggro-range and pet-pathing determines your PvE skill than imo you have really low expectations of skill in PvE.

If you got to this point I have to thank your for reading this venting-post.. I am just sick of that arguing from people who don’t even play that game. If you enjoy a game. Fine. If you don’t enjoy it and leave..That fine too. Hopefully you will find a game that’s more to your taste.

The only thing you should aim for is fun in a game, not loot or XP/Renown. So find a game that is fun for you, don’t point at others because it’s not your style of gaming.


Posted February 4, 2009 by Karic in Community

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