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Normally I don’t comment on those big announcements, but I have to admit that the announcements from Mythic yesterday made me go “oh great..oooh”.

I won’t work off the whole announcement from yesterday, but after reading it I was somehow excited. It’s a decent road-map for the next months and I’m sure that the game will be getting better and better. It gets even better when I read Mark Jacobs’ post a VN Boards. (Source)

So not only those big stuff is worked on like missing careers and Land of the dead (Darkness Falls 2.0), but also the important stuff like career balance, fluff, performance issues, etc..

Just as an example from the post:

5) Changes to “quality of WAR” such as new armor and mount color diversity for high-level guilds, flight masters added to every zone that doesn’t have one, ability to attach multiple items to mail system, improvements to the Guild and Warband UI, and improvements to our Guild Reward systems.

This shows that Mythic is aware of the stuff  thats going on at the player-base even without any form of official forums (which is getting added anyways now, but I won’t set a foot into it)

I’m sure those melee dps careers will have an effect on RvR in a positive way. The Land of the dead and related stuff will surely have an impact on ORvR, but it’s too early to say in which way (good or bad).

So there is many good stuff coming towards us and this should make us all positively optimistic in getting an even better game than WAR is today.


Posted January 30, 2009 by Karic in General, WAR

2 responses to “Road to the tomb

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  2. Most changes are really usefull. Its good to see that they react. well, they want our best… our money :P

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