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There is much excitement and speculations going on about the announcement from Mythic today and the Valentine’s day cards which has been send to some bloggers.. (None of them being in the EU from what I’ve seen..humhum)

As usual I’m not hopping on that train and so write about something completely different. There are many good blogs out there which cover those topics and I have no good things to add.

Now I want to welcome you to our AA group meeting. Here AA stands for Anonymous Alt-a-holics. Sit down, take a cup of coffee and relax. There is nothing wrong with suffering from Altohism in WAR. It’s perfectly ok.

As long as I can think back I’m susceptible to Altohism. In Pen&Paper RPG’s to a lesser degree than in computer games, but looking back at the online games I’ve played, I had always a couple of chars I’ve played. The gaming experience is just so different when you play  certain classes/careers/races and it’s fun to test all those aspects of a game. So it was no surprise to me that I have many alts in WAR.

A funny thing that I’ve noticed lately.. (that might be because so many blogs popped up during the Age of Blogging.. just wanted to say hello to them all ;) )… many blog writers confessed that they got altoholics in WAR.

So what happened? Looking from min/maxing or gear-grind’s point of view it’s most of the time very ineffective to play an alt as you can’t grind specific items/points for your main and therefore it’s often titled as not being good to play an alt.  Some people feel sort of guilty when playing an alt or it’s just to ineffective/not fun to grind (which by definition is defined as being not fun) the same content for more than one char when it’s not fun in the first place.

WAR changed that. At least in my point of view the grind-aspect is nearly non existent (though it comes back when looking at sets (wards) you need for special encounters..). You can mix your play-time just as you like. Sometimes it’s fun to just do stage1 stuff from PQ’s solo or the whole PQ in a group..sometimes it’s fun to do scenarios and quests..sometimes just ORvR. Maybe you play the same content more than one time, but it’s still fun and at least until the end of the tier it doesn’t get to repetitive.

The most important aspect in getting an Altaholic in WAR is that the career-design is just..great. I’ve played to some extent: Runepriest, Ironbreaker, Warrior Priest, Engineer, Magus, Bright Wizard,  Witch Hunter, Shaman and in OB I tested Sorceress, Zealot and Swordmaster.. Every career has some special feeling to it and it just works well. Though the concept of mirror careers may seem a lazy designers choice at first glance, Mythic did a great job so that even mirror careers feel different. Every career is just fun to play and this makes alting so easy. You just check in which mood you are and log in such a char. Every Archetype has different flavors leaving you even more choices and twists on fulfilling that particular role. Of course there are some balancing issues, but that is inevitable and imo not lessening the fun you have in playing any career.

I could go on and talk about how I like the Dwarf/Greenskin and the Empire/Chaos designs which enhances re-playability.. but as this is already a wall of text I better stop here.  So lets see what will be announced later today ;)

Posted January 29, 2009 by Karic in Community, General, WAR

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