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I rediscovered a fun part in WAR. Public Quests…

In the last couple of weeks they degenerated for me into a grind of stage 1 in every PQ I attended. Most of the time it was because there where not many players around or when I played low-ranked alts rank40 chars helped friends and I didn’t want to be pulled through all stages in that way.

In the last days the situation changed a bit. We did some PQ’s with our rank 30-34 members because we wanted to contribute some VP’s in Kadrin valley and scenario’s aren’t a good way in this rank-range (*). It’s fun to see that a Witch elf doesn’t even have to stop when she kills my Runepriest..I felt like a victim in a drive-by-shooting ;)

So we cleared some PQs and it was really fun. Yesterday I did some PQ’s in chapter 17 with an Ironbreaker from my guild and I had really a fun time doing them.

So what changed? It was still a large amount of mobs in stage 1, stage 2 consists of harder mobs and stage 3 had a hero which had no great skills other than an insane amount of damage when he’s hp were around 30% and an annoying amount of mobs around who we aggro’ed because of our low rank. It was just an insane slaughter of NPCs..and it was fun! ;)

PQs are a really fun part if you run through all stages. They get a grind-like feeling when you have to stop at stage 1 or stage2  because no ones around so that you can complete them.

(*) To all those “let just keeps contribute”: This is something that I think is an important aspect of Victory points. You can help your realm in many ways. It’s not PvP and I think it’s nice that you can contribute to your realm’s victory over the enemy realm by PvE. The only problem I see is that it’s atm not balanced enough. The focus should be keeps and RvR-lake action. PQ’s and especially scenarios count imho too much, but that’s another discussion and subject to change when the “Zone domination” is being implemented and explained.


Posted January 20, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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  1. PQs can be one of the best parts of this game, if you can get enough people together. It’s almost like a little mini-dungeon. In fact, it was that feature that originally got me interested in the game. Plus they have some of the best non-ORvR gear you can get. When I was leveling my main, there was usually no ORvR going on, so a good chunk of my gear was coming from PQs for T1 – T3.

    I guess I’m still on the fence on whether or not they should count for VP. But I’m sure they should count for less, as you suggested.

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