The good, the bad and the crowd control..   5 comments

Again I have to postpone the post about my reasons why I like playing a healer to tommorrow..

Today is again something about Crowd Control.. examining which I like and which I don’t like. I will try to explain why I (dis)like them..


I really like them.. all. Why? Well… they screw all my positioning as a ranged career, but I’m able to recover from it. I can counter them by standing well or at least try to be back real soon (ermm.. is nowadays a ™-mark needed for that term? ;) ). There is some sort of skill by the player needed to use this ability for maximum effect and/or counter it so that the effect isn’t so harsh.

Pro: Tanks are able to screw up enemy lines with it and casters get a second more to live before they face annihilation by melee dps ;)

Con: Imo no great ones, though it seems that they work differently each time. Some chars just stumble one step back.. others seem to have bought a sightseeing tour of the current zone and fly away for miles. Inconsistency is not good.


Hum.. depends on which side of the ability (user or target) you are on. 3s knockdowns seem really long in a PvP-situation..actually..they feel like an eternity ;) Therefore I have currently the tactic up that lets me shorten this time by 50% and still have full immunity. Life is easier with that tactic..especially when you are on the low end of the food-chain.

Pro: Tanks can make life of casters miserable, even if they by themselves don’t kill the squishy. Do melee dps need it?

Con: An ability that renders you standing there and watching others play the game is no fun. Isn’t interrupting spells enough? Maybe add some sort of longer cooldown on spells of that mastery-line, so that the knockdown is not totally useless, but let one do something and not just watch. The crappy animations don’t make Knockdowns better. (Responsiveness in WAR is still an issue for me)


My Runepriest doesn’t have silence yet, but my Witch Hunter has both.. He needs it as he’s otherwise dead in a nanosecond. With the skills he lives for 2s ;) Silence and disarm though are quiet low on my “like-it-rating”.. I know how much fun it is, when you’re snapping from stealth, silence the enemy, disrupt his spells and when it’s over..he/she is over. Especially in scenarios I become to think that that player right now might hate me..with a good reason. Got one scenario where I killed the same Sorcerer for at least 7 times. I’m sure he got a little…frustrated. Silence/Disarm is just something that is frustrating when happening too often.

One funny thing about silence and disarm is that e.g. Warrior Priest (so maybe DoK’s too?) can heal while silenced or disarmed as some of their healing is done passively by hitting the enemy and some is done by casting spells. Casters like Runepriests just suffer when they get silenced and can more or less ignore a disarm, but then are totally disabled when silenced.

Pro: Enhances survivability of melee dps (though not if they get disarmed first.. ;)) Breaks up the line as some casters panic when they are silenced my runepriest at the moment.. just die.

Con: You can just run around. For ranged dps it’s frustrating as there is nothing you can do but /burp around (which is my favorite emote when facing such situations..When I’m sure that I will die that’s the last thing I will try..burp you right in the face). I’m not sure how the “unstoppable”-buff works there, but I had occassions where I was sort of chain-silenced. Melee getting disarmed? Hum did got into melee range.. but now you carry this “Please kill me!” sign around.. Decide for yourself if you are having a good time.

So in general, all CC that makes your life hard but leaves you a little bit of possible action are ok for me. Especially knockbacks are imo fun, as both applying and countering involves player skill in terms of positioning on the battlefield.

Something that let you watch the game without any possible form of control could also be replaced with the latest sports news, cinematics, trailer for another game or the series “Knitting with Paul and Jeff”..  It’s just no fun.


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5 responses to “The good, the bad and the crowd control..

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  1. I do love casting a DOT while flying through the air! It is also a joy to watch big tanks swimming in lava. The knockdowns on the other hand need to be looked into.

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  3. The longest ‘stand around and do nothing’ CC is 7 seconds and is not chainable with immunities . Coming from other MMO’s where CC was often chainable and much longer I really don’t see the problem (sheep anyone? arrrgh)

    • 7 seconds and not be able to do anything is an eternity in PvP … I like the CC in WAR more than in “that other game”, but this doesn’t mean that everything is good. Therefore I tried to differentiate the forms of CC. Some of the CC is really fun, because it mixes things up (breaks the front, causes panic in the “caster-camp”,etc…), some aspects are imo not (so much) fun because they just make you not playing the game.

      Especially as a healer things get frustrating because there is not only CC, but also heal-debuffs flying around.

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