We are borked..resistance is futile..   2 comments

I wanted to post today something about the reasons why I like playing a healer.. but that has to get postponed.

There are atm some things that break the fun for me in this game and it’s not fortress siege related..

It is also not related to a imo design-flaw like the ward-system..

It’s about the bugging UI. Crowd control (CC) is annoying in T4 and it is even emphasized by the bugs in the UI. Even if I survive a silencing spell, knockdown, etc … it affects me somehow. The immunity is somehow borked and so is the color of the actionbar-buttons. To add another for me fun-breaking point (though not spectacular point to others I think); getting error-messages when buffing group members is annoying too. So.. baby-steps; one thing at a time.

Let’s start with CC and UI-bugs related to them.

The first one is about how you notice that you are a victim of crowd control. The most obvious form are the greyed out actionbar-buttons. Sadly they don’t switch back to their normal colors when you are no longer affected by CC… well..it’s more than sad. If you aren’t able to tell what ability you can use it’s ..mildly spoken..frustrating. Mythic is aware of this problem and I hope that they fix this really soon. Because of the amount of CC I put the dwarven tactic in which allows me to get up faster after being knocked down. It’s called Stoutness of Stone.. but without the ability to tell me that I’m able to do anything again this is no big win for me. I just lose a big amount of time when checking what I can use now.

Second point.. There is a buff which says, that you are immune to CC for a short amount of time.. Actually ..sometimes this buff is not really in effect and I got affected by another form of CC in the time where this immunity should be active. Looking at WHA forums Mythic is also aware of this problem..which should hopefully be solved really soon. It is just no fun to watch the others play while you stand there and can do nothing..but die. Oh..speaking of dieing.. Most of the time this buff is irrelevant, because in the time the cc should wear off I’m already dead and waiting for a rez, but this could be due to the fact that I’m at the low end of the food chain, i.e. R32 in T4.

Last point that is really annoying for me… Error-messages when buffing group-mates. This is an issue which was introduced some time ago and I really hoped that it will only last a short time, but it’s still there. Playing Runepriest or Ironbreaker gets really annoying, because you get the message “Only group-members can be buffed” when you try to buff so said group-members. Group-buffs work good, but individual buffs throw this error-message around..please fix this soon. It’s no game-breaking error, but to me it’s a really disturbing one. As it has nothing to do with career balance or such, I can’t understand why there is no hotfix for this.

There are still some things that bother me, but I will try to make a more positive post next time ;)

Posted January 8, 2009 by Karic in WAR

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2 responses to “We are borked..resistance is futile..

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  1. Agree 100%. Even in Tier 2 scenarios my sorc spent a lot of time on the ground. Does Destro get these CC abilities as early as Order seems to?

    • I’m not 100% sure, but from what I was experiencing it’s nearly the same amount of CC on both sides. At least in terms of availability .. in usage? Well..that’s another story.

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