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I planned not to complain so much, but sometimes plans have to be revised..

Paul K wanted something about healers and I start a short one about dealing with your healers, though I don’t think that he wanted it that way. More on healing, healers and the healed ones will follow in the couple of days as there is enough to say to that stuff.

At first I wanted to name this “The easiest way to get in my ignore-list”, but that could be to general ;) One nice thing about MMOs is, that you don’t have to care if there is an idiot talking, you can straight ignore him and play in peace and have fun with the other players around. This is especially important when playing a healer, as there are from time to time complains about you..e.g. your skill, ability, willingness to do your job, as you shall not have fun playing the game but only support the uberness and work for the complaining person.

There are players who are thankful for someone else taking care of their hit points, though I don’t really care if they thank me personally for doing anything, as long they play reasonable; do damage, keep enemy dps from me or, in a scenario, make the team win by fulfilling the scenario goals. When I’m playing a tank it’s much more fun when you can be sure that there is a good healer back there, so that you don’t have to care for a millisecond about your hitpoints and can just kick the enemies… Though this can be really dangerous as some players get to the point that they think they are indestructible and king of the world.

So.. here is a todo-list if you want to get on my ignore-list:

  • Tell me what to do; e.g. something like “heal plz”, “rez plz” ..accompanied by !!!1!! ..or in capital letters or even being to lazy to write the “plz”. That’s a really good start, tell me how I should play the career. My normal reaction to “heal” is.. “more damage”, “tank”..etc..
  • Constantly complain that there is not enough healing and ignore the facts why there could be not so much healing dealt. Example for this: Melee dps heavy scenario-group (preferable without a tank-career) with only one healer against a well balanced enemy (a good mix of tanks, ranged dps and healers). A dead healer doesn’t heal much and with only one healer in sight it’s like he/she is caring a big “KICK ME!”-sign that every enemy in a range of 2038493 ft seems to see. Despite that, get used to the fact that people die.. even when heaving a good setup that happens. It doesn’t even have to be someones fault.

This is a good setup to make me ignore you. You may get healing, but are on my ignore-list. Thankfully there are many people out there who can behave themselves and it’s fun to play together with them. To summarize this post (which is already longer than planned, but still missing some points):

Treat your healer as part of the team, not your slave, bot or employee. Don’t tell them how to play and don’t wonder if you die (especially when doing dumb or risky stuff like running trillions of ft away from the healer or fighting behind a corner)


Posted January 6, 2009 by Karic in Healer

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  1. Zizlak,

    Good post. I have been on both ends of the stick. Last night I was spanking two little Rune Priests with my Chosen in a T1 scenario. Our only healer (a DOK) did an outstanding job keeping me alive while I played havoc in the back ranks. We also won the scenario.

    I have seen the other end as you state when the tank is beyond my LOS and I couldn’t heal him. We do need an ignore this idiot for healing button. I have mostly seen this in scenarios. With the random (scenario) grouping it is hard to always have a balanced group. It sucks to be in a group with no healers.

    I believe the main issue is for players to learn teamwork. I’m certian the successful Guilds have this down to an art. One rule is to keep an eye on your healers. Several times my DOK is being focused on (a good tactic) and my fellow players are ignoring me (usually beating on a tank). I must remind them it is hard to heal when I am taking a “dirt nap”…

    There are good and bad healers out there (all classes for that matter). I see the early levels as a chance for people to learn their classes. I do try my best to heal (even with poor hand-eye coordination). Hopefully things will get better in the higher Tiers?

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