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I’m still not entering T4 .. Karic has half a level to stay in T3 and enjoy being one of the rare T3 healers who actually..well..heal someone, e.g. there where scenarios where some archmage healed around 10k  in 15 minutes, but that isn’t the point I want to discuss today.

Looking from outside (i.e. T3, only following zone control over the map and listening on /order) WAR seems rather static in T4. Zone control switches from time to time, but no one is willing or able to push it to the enemy capital city. One of the reasons may be the server stability issue which is still present in fortress fights.

This combined with the locking mechanism for the two needed fortresses to get the capital into contested mode is scaring people..well.. the whole realm away.

To be honest, I’m not surprised that this ended in this static “end-game”. It’s hard to handle many players in the same zone/fortress and this systems just forces the warbands to concentrate on one zone, so the number of participants in fortress fights is even enhanced by the system. I’m no friend of big zerg fights, so tbh the first thing that went through my head when I heard of this “lock 2/3 fortresses to make the capitol contested”  was.. “That’s bullsh**”. (ok I was also disappointed at that moment because my dwarf had no home and his king is in exile in Altdorf and the at that moment planned shamans WAAAGH-Boss is located in the Inevitable City)

For the player base it’s more a logistical than strategic task to switch the enemy capitol city into contested state and even this can be futile because if there are too many participants the zone crashes and you aren’t able to lock it, which results in getting that campaign reseted. This leads to some “attacks” getting stopped before the enemy fortress, so that the campaign doesn’t get reset and one side has the ability to form enough warbands to attack the fortress; penalizing any attempts to further enhance pressure on the enemy which arises from the drive of locking a zone and pushing forward..

This is no war.. this is a war with cease fire. You don’t hurt us..we don’t hurt you.

Though there are attempts where 2/3 fortresses where locked.. this is a too static system. What WAR imo really needs are the 4 missing capital cities. It needs the possibility to push right into a city.. not just switching keeps or BO’s.. A city is wortwhile fighting for it. It’s a symbol it’s an icon.. Keeps are nowadays meaningless as they don’t provide anything.. Not for the min/maxer and not for the RP’er. They can’t provide any emotional meaning to someone as there are too many of them and they change ownership on a really short timescale and they don’t provide any bonuses..

With 6 capital cities you have the danger of losing a capital city when advancing in another pairing and then split forces and try to defend or you just don’t care and try to push and sacrifice one of your own city..  With reasonable timers it should be excluded that all three enemy capital cities are simultaneously owned by the enemy, which would give the losing (maybe underpopulated realm) a chance to push towards an enemy city.. At least city sieges would not be on a yearly basis..

Something that might be an interesting upgrade to keep sieges that’s no really new point is making some keeps “special”, e.g. providing something special in that zone (maybe world wide if all special keeps are owned) which could range from a buff for all players in the zone, debuff for all enemy players in that zone and/or just flight points in strategic good points.. The possibility to fly right into that keep would be a drastic tactical advantage for defending it or getting quicker to points of interest. Special keeps could change place, e.g. there is an wandering NPC who is casting the buff and he cycles in random order through the keeps in one zone..

Just to summarize.. What WAR’s T4 needs imho is more dynamics..Only zone control and keeps are too.. thin. I don’t feel the need to take them (or even advance into T4) as I’ve already have that type of game from T2 on and the keeps are more or less meaningless.The only difference so to speak is that in T4 everything has to be planned two weeks in advance.. which is not good. Maybe my look from T3 is wrong and everything is more dynamic in T4.. though I would still like it if there where all capitals implemented.


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  1. If you get the time a topic on healing would be a good read.

    • I’m thinking about a post why I like playing a healer and why I wouldn’t like to play a game without healers..

      Guides are some out there.. but maybe I’ll write my 2 cents to that too..

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