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So I’m posting now more than in the past two weeks.. I hope that my boss doesn’t read this blog and see a correlation between my blogging-activity and working time ;)

The last couple of days I had some time to play WAR and as it were irregular and short periods of time I played most of the time my alts and not Karic my R31 Runepriest.

To start with something positive..  One of the reasons for this is that all the classes I play are extremly fun to play (though the Bright wizard is somewhat boring as it’s just ranged dps.. ;) ). So Mythic did a great job when designing careers. But there are also others reasons why I don’t want to play Karic.

I’m not really keen on getting to T4 with him as the game is imo lacking some fun-parts there. It’s kinda funny coincidence that Syp’s writing about one thing that I dislike in T4. It’s about Crowd Control (CC). Even at the end of T3 this gets really annoying. We took a BO yesterday and my Runepriest just stood there for approximately 85% of the fight doing absolutely nothing, while the rest of the time died around him.

The fight from my perspective: You are silenced.. You are disabled.. You are silenced..Target is dead.. You are silenced. You are dead. Respawn?

Does this look like fun? Not really.. I don’t mind  getting kicked around from time to time..or getting silenced.. from time to time.. But in my opinion this happens to frequently. This is not possible in a one-vs-one situation, as the cooldowns of the abilities are longer than the duration of the ability, but WAR is about groups and warbands.. and in warbands it is possible to “stun-lock” someone.. This is the boring part and can kill the fun of playing the game. CC is too important and there should be more immunities after getting affected by them, so that you don’t lose the control of your character.


Posted January 3, 2009 by Karic in General, WAR

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