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My problems with patch 1.0.6   6 comments

Just a little rant and nothing too new ..but I have to post it.

UI is bugged..Especially the UnitFrames.

I like to click on the group-unit frames to select group members. This doesn’t work after the patch. I’m searching like hell to find my group-mates to heal. This is a big problem for my Runepriest. This problem is somehow not consistent… My RP “sees” the UnitFrames for group members..other chars don’t even see that, though this is something that doesn’t make any real difference as I could not select them by clicking even I could see them. (F-keys still work)  I’m not sure if this is a problem of CleanUnitFrames or the game itself, but it really is something that makes me go “aaah..noo../($)§()§$” ;)

Buffing is annoying.

Playing a Runepriest means that you support your group mates.. this includes buffs. Buffing group-mates has get really annoying.

  • You can’t easily select your group-mates (see above)
  • The hotbar-icon for the buffs is greyed-out .. because..
  • the System tells you that your buff only works on group-mates; In other words, the game doesn’t recognize that you try to buff group mates, i.e. the selected char is in your group and you get an error-message that he/she isn’t in your group. Despite the error-message the buff is applied to the target. Just teeth-grinding-frustration ..

RvR performance..framerate and lag

It got better, but it is far away from good and playable. Yesterday two equally sized groups (ok.. 3groups vs. 3 groups ;) ) met in Badland and my framerate on open field went down… I don’t want to think about how the framerate would have dropped down when the destruction groups would get to the keep lord. This is something that has to be improved dramatically to make ORvR more fun.

Some (not so ) good points:

Response from the UI

The UI feels more direct, though it’s difficult to see when some spells fire, e.g. the delay on spells that have a cast-time is compensated with me swirling the staff longer and not always the same amount of time. So there is still no (obvious) visible response that it got delayed, I have to watch how often I swirl that staff..

NPCs react before a spell hit them. I start a fight against an NPC with a long-cast time spell.. So I stand there..swirling my staff.. and before the UI tells me, that I did damage to the NPC I aggro’ed it .. This is something I’ve already noticed at healing someone..there is some sort of time delay between visual animation and numbers (dmg or heal-wise) being applied. A heal from me hits someone in a scenario who is in the same second marked as “dead” and he just keeps standing, but this is an issue I think will be handled with patch 1.1. At least I hope that this will get smoother.

Cooldown timers seem to be bugged at the moment. I sometimes get wrong indication of cooldown timers, which is something I really hate. There are just few things more frustrating than trying to cast the rescue-my-ass-spell and than noticing that the cooldown is displayed wrong, so you just wasted that highly needed seconds while someone is hitting you.


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I am not surprised..   Leave a comment

Knights of the Blazing Sun and Blackguards are introduced, which led to T1 Empire-Chaos being dominated by order and T1 Elf-stuff being dominated by Dark-elves.

Anyone would have bet against this? I don’t think so ;)

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Recent patch in EU   Leave a comment

Update 11:40 CET: The 1.0.6 patch is now Live on all European servers. We’ve also applied some recent and vital changes to the RvR Zone Control system. These changes will reduce the amount of time necessary to capture a Tier 4 zone as well as place more emphasis on open field RvR.
Battlefield Objectives and Keep contributions have been increased.
PvE contribution has been decreased.
Prior Zone control contribution has been decreased.
The amount of Scenario Victory Points to take a zone has been decreased.

Reading this fix/patch-notes leaves me with mixed feelings.

I’ll start with good points I see in this:

  • ORvR is more a focus, just like Marc Jacobs said. ORvR can be the most fun in WAR. More battle for Keeps and BO’s is good.
  • The need for PQ-grind just to take over the zone is getting less which is good as this is just experienced as a grind.
  • Scenarios don’t contribute so much so that the enemy side has to engage in ORvR and it’s not possible to evade confrontation.

Bad points..and some of them are really bad..:

  • Zerg-fest behavior is enhanced. Zergs are most of the time no fun.
  • Pop-Imbalance is more of an issue. This is a heavy downside as it is no fun to get steamrolled just because the enemy has more players. Quantity over quality is no good motto in a game.

As I said earlier today.. The server I am playing on has already destruction over-pop and they just steamroll over any resistance just because they are more. With this..let’s call it tactic.. they took over one T4 zone (even with the past victory points count which is really slow) with no possibility for order to defend effectively. This will get worse because it will be easier for them to take over zones and the capital city..

Looking at the victory point model .. it’s either a stalemate because pop is balanced and there is no great strategy involved in this kind of end-game (because the skills and teamplay even out) or it get’s steamrolling-zerg-fest which also doesn’t involve any strategic knowledge. Oh..I forgot one option.. of-prime time/while the enemy is sleeping takeovers.. All three are kinda..boring. Is this a design flaw I wasn’t aware of?

If the population is balanced/even this approach with ORvR (i.e. Keeps and BO’s) being the main contribution to winning the zone might lead to dynamic fights over them.. but atm I think this will lead (at least on Huss) to getting farmed as an order-char in many ways.. and getting thrown out of the city. Being helpless all the time because the enemy force is most of the time at least three times as big as yours. Though you have to respect the organisation Destruction brings up as they really quickly form the warbands.. It’s kinda frustrating being not able to do anything.

Actually the roleplayer in me thinks that mass-pop is a nice thing for Destruction. Especially Greenskins do zerg-stuff .. but this is no rpg where the average greenskin is dumb as he’s controlled by a more or less clever player (this is something both sides share and therefore it is something that evens out. I just took the Greenskins because the chars tend to be more dumb than the player controlling it.. but sometimes I think it’s not sooo different. On the other hand I see a what-so-clever High-elf who should play a Greenskin …you know what I mean ;) ).. So as one side is outnumbering the other side this can’t be balanced with intelligence .. It all boils down to just comparing population which is … -your suggestion?-

mine is: working as intended, frustrating, boring, … ?

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Pop imbalance hits Huss   Leave a comment

I waited with this post, because I wanted to see how things evolve..

It’s mainly about the character transfer and ORvR. Most posts I saw described how much the gaming fun increased with the transfers.

Last week enabled players from Kemmler to come to Huss.. and this changed the game.. to the bad (imo).

From reading blogs I think that Huss was always a little bit different than the other WAR servers. We had a “low/med” pop, but it was equaly/balanced Order and Destruction. Scenarios did pop up quiet frequently (at least at prime time) and ORvR was active with both sides being active and taking keeps and such. No big zergs in <T4 .. Very seldom a full warband was seen on both sides, but this enabled many good and fun fights. The problem with this setup is obvious. T4 was stalemate with no one pushing over to the enemy capital city.

The situation changed dramatically after server transfer. Much more destruction chars came from Kemmler to Huss than order. ORvR is now at least to me no more fun. Its either zerg vs. zerg.. or few vs. zerg. Every time I set foot into a rvr lake I get stomped done by a zerg (most of the time 1-3 warbands from destruction roam through the rvr lake to take every keep) and reports on /order-channel don’t look so different.

Destruction switches to alts when everything is taken and resistance is wiped out. Then Order forms a warband to take back some keeps only to get steamrolled by destruction. No skills..just mass. Destruction chooses what and when we can take back things simply by numbers of participants..

Together with WAR’s .. mediocre.. performance during large scale fights this led me to the conclusion that I simply don’t do any ORvR at the moment. If I have only the choice between lag-fest (with instants taking seconds to fire of and fps drops down to values well below 1 ) and getting steamrolled than the purpose of ORvR is no more there.. There is no fun for me.. so I don’t do ORvR. T1 up to T4 ORvR are dead for me.. which I find kinda sad because I enjoyed ORvR.

Funny note at the end.. Destruction are either party animals or in a union. Friday and Saturday belong for weeks now to order (keep, scenario and zone control-wise).. Destruction just doesn’t show up. From sunday to thursday though they roll just over order.

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