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Leveling in WAR seemed slow to me, but still at an ok level. Karic is now rank 30 with around 2h per day playing-time (I rarely play him on weekends). I’m an alt-a-holic so my main char doesn’t get as much attention as others give it to their mains, so I have to be somewhat pleased to reach that rank. I play a mix between PvE, scenarios and ORvR.. Nothing feels like a grind (though I grinded in the last days some influence because I was in the mood to just farm stuff.. so no bad feelings involved in grinding it) and I have still some quests to do in chapter 14, but I can see them running out before I reach rank 32. I have to admit that  I’m artificially slowing my leveling speed as I want to reach T4 with Karic solely by questing in the dwarven-greenskin pairing..It still seems possible ;)

Yesterday I was somewhat..well.. shocked when I realized that Huss has an exp-bonus for Order and Destruction. So leveling tempo is 20% increased compared to other servers and I went “omg”… As I said, with this 20% “bonus” leveling speed seemed ok, but I think that it would seem terrible slow if those 20% were not there.

I think that Mythic should adjust leveling speed a bit. There is nothing gained if people run out of quests before reaching a reasonable rank to advance to the next tier or have to jump between pairings, just because they have no fitting quests to their rank in one pairing. The replayability would get better as you can explore other pairings solely with an alt and frustration would get less as it’s always discouraging when rank-progression seem to stop at a solid wall.

With my first char (Karic) it began with rank 16 that I started to feel that wall .. after some ranks it seemed to go smooth again and with rank 26-28 it again started to feel slower than before… With all my alt’s things seem to feel different as I’m not really feeling any slow-downs up to rank 21 (though this might be because Karic didn’t have the exp-bonus all the time, but most of my alts had it from rank13 on). This is something odd as they have to go through all the same stuff as the main char, though they don’t have to do the unnecessary stuff because I learned what is good in terms of exp/hour ratio .. e.g. keep sieges on elven keeps are just.. stupid and no fun. Let those elves kill themselves. It’s better for the rest of the world! Erm.. I’m drifting away.

I still believe that the 20% exp-bonus should be on every server as it enables a better leveling speed which still isn’t ultra-fast and making ranks irrelevant.


Posted December 17, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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