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Scenario’s are fun.. well..most of the time. It gets even more fun if you play different scenarios as the repetitiveness-factor goes down. Therefore Mythic introduced a timeout between scenario starts, so that there is some variety in what scenario pops up. The reason why some scenarios are simple:

  • Easy to get in and have (at least at prime time) immediatly fun
  • Good and fast XP/Renown
  • XP from a simple Quest

The third point bothers me a bit because it just favors imbalance in pop-ups of scenarios as some people sit at the warcamp where the quest-giver for a particular scenario quest is positioned. They just sit there, run only that particular scenario(s) (the s is because in higher tiers you have more than one scenario per race and tier) and not the other ones, because they don’t have the scenario quest for it.

And that is the point where I ask myself why they do that.  This scenario quests are just obsolete as (up to T3) the XP you get from it are easily and faster obtained by killing some mobs. You don’t have to bother sitting there at a warcamp and wait for that particular scenario to pop up. It’s way easier and comfortable to do some PvE and hop into scenario that are fun, rather that are required because of a stupid quest.

Solution is simple.. drop all scenario quests which just want you to participate at a seperate scenario. They aren’t needed in any way. They just keep people rooted to a spot because of the quest (and a weird sense of playing the game ;) ) The quests that send you out killing people also count ORvR kills and are fine imo and should stay.


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