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My problems with patch 1.0.6   6 comments

Just a little rant and nothing too new ..but I have to post it.

UI is bugged..Especially the UnitFrames.

I like to click on the group-unit frames to select group members. This doesn’t work after the patch. I’m searching like hell to find my group-mates to heal. This is a big problem for my Runepriest. This problem is somehow not consistent… My RP “sees” the UnitFrames for group members..other chars don’t even see that, though this is something that doesn’t make any real difference as I could not select them by clicking even I could see them. (F-keys still work)  I’m not sure if this is a problem of CleanUnitFrames or the game itself, but it really is something that makes me go “aaah..noo../($)§()§$” ;)

Buffing is annoying.

Playing a Runepriest means that you support your group mates.. this includes buffs. Buffing group-mates has get really annoying.

  • You can’t easily select your group-mates (see above)
  • The hotbar-icon for the buffs is greyed-out .. because..
  • the System tells you that your buff only works on group-mates; In other words, the game doesn’t recognize that you try to buff group mates, i.e. the selected char is in your group and you get an error-message that he/she isn’t in your group. Despite the error-message the buff is applied to the target. Just teeth-grinding-frustration ..

RvR performance..framerate and lag

It got better, but it is far away from good and playable. Yesterday two equally sized groups (ok.. 3groups vs. 3 groups ;) ) met in Badland and my framerate on open field went down… I don’t want to think about how the framerate would have dropped down when the destruction groups would get to the keep lord. This is something that has to be improved dramatically to make ORvR more fun.

Some (not so ) good points:

Response from the UI

The UI feels more direct, though it’s difficult to see when some spells fire, e.g. the delay on spells that have a cast-time is compensated with me swirling the staff longer and not always the same amount of time. So there is still no (obvious) visible response that it got delayed, I have to watch how often I swirl that staff..

NPCs react before a spell hit them. I start a fight against an NPC with a long-cast time spell.. So I stand there..swirling my staff.. and before the UI tells me, that I did damage to the NPC I aggro’ed it .. This is something I’ve already noticed at healing someone..there is some sort of time delay between visual animation and numbers (dmg or heal-wise) being applied. A heal from me hits someone in a scenario who is in the same second marked as “dead” and he just keeps standing, but this is an issue I think will be handled with patch 1.1. At least I hope that this will get smoother.

Cooldown timers seem to be bugged at the moment. I sometimes get wrong indication of cooldown timers, which is something I really hate. There are just few things more frustrating than trying to cast the rescue-my-ass-spell and than noticing that the cooldown is displayed wrong, so you just wasted that highly needed seconds while someone is hitting you.


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