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I waited with this post, because I wanted to see how things evolve..

It’s mainly about the character transfer and ORvR. Most posts I saw described how much the gaming fun increased with the transfers.

Last week enabled players from Kemmler to come to Huss.. and this changed the game.. to the bad (imo).

From reading blogs I think that Huss was always a little bit different than the other WAR servers. We had a “low/med” pop, but it was equaly/balanced Order and Destruction. Scenarios did pop up quiet frequently (at least at prime time) and ORvR was active with both sides being active and taking keeps and such. No big zergs in <T4 .. Very seldom a full warband was seen on both sides, but this enabled many good and fun fights. The problem with this setup is obvious. T4 was stalemate with no one pushing over to the enemy capital city.

The situation changed dramatically after server transfer. Much more destruction chars came from Kemmler to Huss than order. ORvR is now at least to me no more fun. Its either zerg vs. zerg.. or few vs. zerg. Every time I set foot into a rvr lake I get stomped done by a zerg (most of the time 1-3 warbands from destruction roam through the rvr lake to take every keep) and reports on /order-channel don’t look so different.

Destruction switches to alts when everything is taken and resistance is wiped out. Then Order forms a warband to take back some keeps only to get steamrolled by destruction. No skills..just mass. Destruction chooses what and when we can take back things simply by numbers of participants..

Together with WAR’s .. mediocre.. performance during large scale fights this led me to the conclusion that I simply don’t do any ORvR at the moment. If I have only the choice between lag-fest (with instants taking seconds to fire of and fps drops down to values well below 1 ) and getting steamrolled than the purpose of ORvR is no more there.. There is no fun for me.. so I don’t do ORvR. T1 up to T4 ORvR are dead for me.. which I find kinda sad because I enjoyed ORvR.

Funny note at the end.. Destruction are either party animals or in a union. Friday and Saturday belong for weeks now to order (keep, scenario and zone control-wise).. Destruction just doesn’t show up. From sunday to thursday though they roll just over order.


Posted December 3, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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