Everyone has that moments..   Leave a comment

where you want to give a fellow player in a scenario the “/facepalm-award”.

There are scenarios where for an unknown reason you get stomped in the ground by the enemies and there are scenarios where it’s clear why you lose.

Just one example I experienced lately .. I think everyone has similar ones as it happens rather frequently in most scenarios:

Talabec scenario in T3.

What it is planed to be:

a) Your side picks up the bomb and deploys it at the enemy bombing point. Preferably you take the route which is farther away from the enemy spawn point and not the route that leads near it. Easy plan..

b) The enemy has got the bomb, so you defend your bombing point and deploy dots on the bomb-carrier, knockback enemies, etc.. and hope that the enemy runs past your spawn point, so that you can get easy reinforcment.

What it can get:

mild /facepalm.award .. lets call it bronze-award:

a) People get confused which path to take and run past the enemy spawn point. This can happen, is understandable and no big deal. Just hope that they get used to know the map and the next time they have the bomb, they will take the other route.

b) People have no idea what to do with the bomb and stand at the crossing, hoping to get an idea. Hum… Can happen to newcomers and such.. No big deal, though it’s quiet counter-productive.

wtf-award .. aka silver-award:

People don’t defend or attack.. they keep on fighting small fights rather than caring for the scenario-objectives. In this case..they don’t get the bomb and try to deploy it or they just don’t defend..This makes me just..speechless.

Now we reach the gold-/facepalm-award:

I call it bad-trained-mourkain-soldiers. Why mourkain? Well.. they grab the bomb and run straight into enemy resistance, because they have that little, shiny thingie indicating that they are currently in god-mode ;)

This makes me wanna bang my head on the table. ;)

Me (Runepriest) and an Ironbreaker stood at the crossing and he’s got the bomb (actually he just came from the path leading to the destruction spawn-point and so I thought he had resistance over there and wanted to run the other path). He kept standing there..doing nothing. I was confused and wanted to write in /sc that he should follow me.. At this moment destruction came to the crossing and the ironbreaker ran straight into the enemy group..So no deploying of the bomb this time.. ;)

I experience this ..oh-no, facepalm-award worthy things here and there.. Sometimes I can overlook it and just blame their inexperience with new scenarios and such.. Sometimes (like this rank27 IB) I just can’t understand why this people even reach that rank.. Where is natural selection?! ;)

As long as it doesn’t happen all the time this is bearable, but if it happens too often I get frustrated and just don’t do scenarios which require such tactical behavior (though I really like Talabec).

Scenarios I play in T3 and like: Tor Anroc, Temple of Isha, Talabec Dam,

Scenario I play if my frustration level is not tested before: Doomfist crater

Scenarios I don’t play in T3: Black Fire basin, Highpass Cemetary

Until yesterday I still sticked to the losing side no matter how bad they performed..but yesterday was a new low-point where I wanted to leave the scenario.. Premiere! ;)

Are there worse thing happen than ignoring objectives or doing just completely wrong stuff? Tell me..  For what action do you want to award the /facepalm-award?


Posted November 27, 2008 by Karic in WAR

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