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Is it better to take someones soul rather than his blood?

(Just popped up in my mind as I was thinking about the pre-launch discussion about soul and blood essence. As most of you know, some people here in germany have a problem when games contain too much blood and such.. So there was the problem with the DoK… he drains blood essence and afaik it’s called soul essence now, just to not have to use the word blood.)


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3 responses to “Question of the day (11/25/08)

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  1. The Red Cross would say otherwise, but yeah, I’ve heard of the censorship laws in Germany. Does having the word ‘blood’ call for censorship as well?

  2.’s not really censorship, but the rating agency for computer games is rather sensitive to blood and such stuff. Blood essence is no term that can be used in germany when a game is aiming for teen-rating.
    So if you draw someones blood out.. no teen-rating, but a mature one and that is something Mythic didn’t want.
    So it got soul essence.. what I personally find not less violent sounding than blood essence. But I’m in no rating agency and I don’t find it too disturbing if the DoK’s take the blood essence..or the soul essence.. I was just wondering about the morale behind the forbidding of “blood” and agreeing with “soul”..

  3. Maybe because ‘soul’ is a more vague concept, giving younger people an image of ghosts and stuff.

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