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Lately I didn’t post so much here.. Either I had so much to do at work or I was playing WAR.. both being not too bad ;)

Some things happened which I want to summarize in no particular order..just what pops up in my mind:

Book of Grudges hit their 500th post and will stop the blog due to not having enough time for it.

I really enjoyed the blog and will miss it, but I understand it. Bloggings draws away some time from RL or gaming time and as the day has only 24 hours you’ll have to choose. I did it, played WAR and didn’t write so much here. It’s similar to what Spinks wrote in the comments. It was much fun during pre-launch to speculate and watch the community. Nowadays it’s imo mostly negative posts out there. Some are true, some are just rants …

WAR can be war!

WAR really shines when people are willing to fight, no matter what the loot is… I reported that the offering of loot just for keep takes is leading to people avoiding confrontation and this still hold true, but when people ignore this the game can get really fun. Lately we defended the keep at High pass, which was fun because the reinforcement just arrived at time. The enemy was at the keep lord and we could stop them from killing him. After the first gate respawned and we were a nearly full warband we started the counter-attack on the keep in Talabecland. On the way there we killed some unlucky destruction players who were running solo around. The fun started when we were at the keep. Destruction gathered forced and there where around two groups of defenders. A real siege started with us setting up 6-7 canons and them setting up several siege weapons..After a long fight we were at the lord and I think the enemy didn’t expect us to fight the keep lord directly. No fancy tactics..just damage on the keep lord. We managed to take the keep, but just as the fight was over I had a CTD. This was really fun and imo how this game should be played.

Talking about CTD .. Performance.

I’m really unhappy with the performance of WAR. CTD’s still happen and I’m lagging for which reason I don’t know. I’m playing with an patched OB-client on a Pentium D (2x 2.8GHz), 3GB RAM and a Nvidia Geforce 9800GT. Nothing really exceptional good, but not too shabby i think. But I can hardly play on balanced settings with lightning turned off and only displaying self-effects; which is something I really don’t like. Lightning effects are cosmetic, but I would like to turn them on. The spell effects I want to see because I consider it to be important to see what the others are doing, but there is no way in ORvR that I can keep t

I mean.. During normalplay and most of the time in scenarios I can play without performance issues, but in ORvR or if there are too many players (a warband standing close together is already too many) the game turns into a slide show.

The lags seem to be to some extent server-lag, because during prime time I get typical server-lag issues; people warping, mailbox takes forever to open, loot-windows don’t close, but also frame-rate droping, etc..

I really hope that patch 1.1 will help there..

Get to know the other classes.

I’m really an alt-a-holic ..and this is for several reasons. It’s fun to experience a game with different approaches. Especially in WAR the game experience is very different for every career. It’s also good to know what you allies can do and how they play from own experience .. Sometimes a tank has to run into that group, but sometimes it’s better for him to stay back though he can’t do anything. While it’s fun as a tank to run into a bunch of enemies and hit them, it’s not fun as a healer to back this tank up and getting the prime target for those enemies (especially if you have to run behind the tank without having the ability to properly position yourself). Learn to understand the play-style of your allies to get the best teamwork..not only to maximize effect, but to maximize survivability and therefore fun. No one enjoys running back from a spawn point or getting rezzed too often ;)

Send me a post-card..

Syp is going on vacation.. I hope that you and your wife enjoy it ;)

Almost forgot the metal..

Heavy metal live-event got changed and I really appreciate this. Now you get a new task every day, but can do the already given tasks from previous days. I really like it not being forced to login every day or getting punished when the scenario just didn’t pop-up during my playing time. The new/temporary scenario is also much fun.. Though I still don’t really like live-events, this one is quiet fun.

Posted November 24, 2008 by Karic in General

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