I failed   2 comments

Hum.. “Participate in the Reikland-Factory Scenario”…

Seems like an easy task.. but I failed to complete it yesterday ;)

After I came back from sports yesterday, I needed some time for my parrots, eating and watching a little bit of England vs. Germany football match.. So i logged in at around 22:00 and in the two hours I played Reikland factory didn’t pop up once and so i couldn’t complete the daily task..

As a compensation I had some nice ORvR action as destruction wanted to take some keeps from us ;)

Normally I don’t stay in queue when participating in ORvR, but yesterday I did and it didn’t make any difference.. So I’m curious which task I may fail to do today ;)


Posted November 20, 2008 by Karic in General

2 responses to “I failed

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  1. Well that sucks the scenario didn’t pop. The way I read the Herald announcement, it sounds like there is more than 100% influence to be earned.

  2. Well.. I don’t aim for 100% influence, but it’s not feeling good that I just wasn’t able to see this scenario even though I’m on a well populated server.

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