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Watching the current posts in blogs or forums, there is much discussion about numbers.
Be it either rank, renown, exp, damage, healing ..loot..contribution (hello Regis ;) ) ..

What I’m currently missing.. and that belongs somewhat to the “incentive for ORvR” is Realmpride(tm). Before release this was stated as an incentive to fight the other realm. It was “we” against “them” ..

Now it’s more of an I, I, I… My Renown, my dps, my rank, my equipment. The Realmpride is totally absent.. it’s missing in action. People max out their char, avoiding some ORvR, because they slow you down or don’t drop any loot. Its even at a state where you let the enemy take a keep, just to be able to take it back and get the loot bags. And this is one reason why ORvR is somewhat doomed…

Realmpride has no chance to be established as long the majority is greedy or self-centered. It’s legitimate to care about your char and look how you can progress well, but I find it rather odd that you simply don’t do stuff that is fun because it slows down your progression.

You could make workarounds to that.. Like introducing something like Darkness Falls as Keen proposed or increase the rewards for fighting like Mythic is doing atm, but this are just workarounds. I like the idea of Keen, but it has nothing to do with Realmpride. It will lead to more ORvR (and this leads to more fun), but it’s just again because I want to get the phatest loot, not that we want to crush the enemy realm.

I think that missing of Realmpride has something to do with the lack of immersion in WAR. This fast paced in-out stuff just don’t let you delve into the world. You are not connected to it, so why should you care if a keep is getting attacked; the scenario queue just popped and you can have some pvp-action there. I like it that Mythic reduces the amount of victory points gained by scenarios in T4.. Combined with Regis‘ idea about keeps adding VP over time instead of fixed amount this might lead to more ORvR action..

Maybe it’s all a design dilemma. Fast in-out type of stuff or something that is more time consuming and involving … Realmpride was doomed right from the beginning. It just can’t survive when confronted with MMO-gamers.


Posted November 18, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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