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So Mythic boosted the reward for attacking a keep and defeating the keep lord.

In my opinion this was a wrong sign. Yes they’ve made people more often attack a keep, but this doesn’t necessarily lead to more ORvR. Why? Let me explain it with an example I’ve experienced yesterday:

I was running around with Wahagrimm, my Ironbreaker, in the RvR lake in the land of the trolls. I saw a open group in that lake and headed towards them. There were 4 other order members and within few minutes the group grew to 2 groups. 12 chars.. Not really a strikeforce, but could try some fun at the keep. We had some nice fights there, but there where some destruction guys there and we had to stop our try on the keep lord. We decided to take the remaining BO’s. Had some real nice fights over there as destruction seemed to gather forces. This went on for over an prime time our warband filled up and we had 24 motivated members in there. But guess what? Most of them didn’t want to go to the keep where some destros waited. They wanted to go for Barakk Varr, because there was no resistance to be expected.

Why do I tell you this is obvious I think. It’s not about fighting the enemy, this rewarding of offense and not defense just leads to avoiding the enemy, because he doesn’t drop that gold bag.

I know that in higher ranks those gold bags are really nice, but it just offers incentives to fight the keep lord.. not the players defending. This is the wrong turn. Defense means that you have fight against other players not only NPCs, therefore rewarding defense might improve ORvR.

There are two problems i see (with no real solution):

Players avoid confrontation, which is somewhat odd in an PvP oriented game. It’s something I already mentioned before. Why does someone need more incentives to participate in ORvR other than to have fun? Especially in T1-3 you outgrow your equipment rather quickly.. Fun is the best reward a game can give and some people are too blind to see it.

How to reward defense? Gold bags for defense? Would be an interesting concept.. Drop a PQ-chest for those who defended the keep. This implies that Mythic fixes the issue with how the correct attack status of a keep is determined. Some solo char who stumbles upon a guard is no sign of a keep assault, breaching a keep gate would be some sort of indicator (but this would inevitably lead to defenders letting the enemy breach the outermost gates, so that the defense-status is reached. Players are strange, greedy and exploit systems. Don’t tell me something different ;) )

So, anyone out there who has a nice idea to how defense can be nicely rewarded?

Oh..btw. I don’t say that you should not reward offense. Both have to be rewarded equally in quality (maybe even quantity). With no offense reward, people just wouldn’t attack and wait for the enemy. (Night fire basin .. just as an example in scenario-form ;) )

So as offense has been more attractive, defense has to get more attractive too.. If you raise the rewards for ORvR make it attractive to fight, not to evade fights!

(Actually it’s quiet irritating for me to write this, as I don’t need any more incentives to fight in ORvR. There is someone from destruction, I try to kill him. That simple.. Don’t care about equipment, rank, renown.. berserk-mode on and there I go. ;)

This call for more rewards is more a call for more balancing of rewards which imo many people see more important to the fun the actual fights are.)


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  1. I missed for a moment that you were Order and thought it odd that your team avoided the keep that was defended as I experienced the exact oposite last night. We spent over an hour trying to track down the defenders. One keep in the zone was ours, the other was not. We originally came to defense but the offense ran away to … defend… for some reason. We chased them over there. Rinse repeat. We ended up chasing them, they fleeing to BOs to keeps and back, offense and defense and back. Never standing and putting up a good fight. But I play destro :/

    There is something wrong with ORvR, at this point I’m about ready to chalk it up to the fault of the players. I’ve never seen such a lack of fighting spirit in a PvP game.

  2. I know what you mean. I think part of the problem is that a lot of people are used to the tried and true (and somewhat boring) instance/raid design of WoW-instaces. Keeps are quite similar to a boss-fight and people can really relate to that.

    I’m really looking forward to a functioning Open RvR system. And I don’t really care if it’s because of players shaping or the incentive system changing. The more bloodshed the merrier! (and skulls for the throne of Khorne and all that jazz).

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