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Lectures started and students demand time..so i was a bit quiet lately just commenting on some stuff out there, but now is weekend and I get a bit of time to write something.

And as I’m about posts..this one is about posts from devs and CM’s (both Mythic and GOA .. it’s more a general phenomena I’m talking about) in forums and blogs.

The draft to this post started before Syp addressed it over at WAAAGH, though I will try to give it a different twist..(

The life of a CM is not really easy. Players demand reactions to their concerns (posted in forums) quiet fast:

  • X is not working, fix it!
  • Y is overpowered, nerf them to the ground.. now!
  • Where the heck are those devs, bugfixes?

All that sort of stuff. Everyone who reads forums knows such posts.

It doesn’t matter if there is an official forum or not, it’s a problem for some officials to post anything as the community out there will kick him high in the air and tear him apart if anything they say is not 100% correct. So what to do if you can’t say anything that is 100% correct? Be silent? Anyone remember the Warhammer OB disaster with GOA? ;)

Silence means frustration rising (and this leads to aggression) .. So this doesn’t do you any good job. What is then the alternative? Post that you are working on it and show that you’ve read the concerns..

Actually this doesn’t help either as you can only say “we know the problem and we are working on it”. This works a few times, but then you will get again flamed because you just say “empty phrases” and people get impatient. (Just read Andy’s reply on WHA to thread about Mythic’s communication policy).

So even if you stay 100% correct (but just need some time, due to the fact that problems in such a complex system like an MMO are not always easily found) you make people angry. So as a CM you are just..doomed ;)

As a CM you have to have a real thick skin. (Comparable to the thick skin of healers in PUGs ;) ) You are the representative of the company and the punching ball for forum trolls. *hands out a purple heart and a bronze star to the CM’s out there who fight for their games* ;)

What I wish.. (though i know that it’s a total illusion ;)).. is that there is more patience with the CM’s. Remember, they can’t just babble in the forums like any normal user. If they say anything, this has to be approved by several departments in the company. More departments who will have to approve something just means that it takes longer. So even though the interweb speeds communication up this might take some time.. Time people often aren’t willing to give.

What I wish from the CM’s side is some “sign of awareness“. I’m happy if I know that there is someone working on the problems (and the problems are  identified as problems) and it’s even better if I get an ETA for the time in which it will get fixed. Even if it’s a long time, this allows me to define what I want to do with my time, rather then checking frequently if the game runs. (This was just general, as I have rarely experienced long downtime in WAR due to server issues) This sign of awareness is something that GOA is not showing in the last time, which i find somewhat irritating. Maybe this will change with the new GOA CM-duo Nic and Magnus.


Posted November 14, 2008 by Karic in Community, General

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