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Sometimes while I read the /order channel on Huss it reminds me why dev’s shouldn’t always listen to players.. ;)

Just three highlights:

(Before patch 1.0.3) Someone complained that XP in T3 was going to get boosted as it lessens the grind. You’re eyes are ok.. It was felt as not grindy enough. I know that not all people want more grind, but this statement made me just speechless. I just shook my head and tried to ignore the talking as it was too weird.

The next two things go about scenarios.

It’s the wanted feature “XP off” .. Again obviously totally wrong idea. This would kill scenarios and economy. Just look at WoW and the level19 (epic-equipped) chars. The “non-alt”/casual player who wants to do some scenarios while leveling would just get steamrolled by those chars and it would lead to avoidance of ORvR and scenarios as they would be no fun to those players. Despite the fact if it’s even needed, those casual gamers couldn’t afford any decent gear in the auction house because someone buys this gear for his alt.  These are obvious counter arguments, but still some people want this degeneration of the game.

And the last “/facepalm-award” goes to “Let 2 groups join the scenario”, i.e. let all the scenariogroups be formed before the scenario starts. Again this would lead to an end for casual gamers to join scenarios and completely break scenarios. The element of chaos the random partners in you scenario offer really balances the game to be more casual friendly. Fixed groups (with vent) will surely dominate over any PUG (without vent) so the number of PUGs gets less and scenarios would be avoided. It’s ok if half of the scenario is a team which plays together on a regular basis. There is still some “random”-effect how well they play together with the other half of the scenario-team.

This are just some points where I had to rub my eyes, check the monitor connection, virus-alerts, etc.. They made me speechless because they are so obviously wrong. They can’t be real, can they?! ;)

Posted October 29, 2008 by Karic in Community, General

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  1. they are strange requests that I have seen before as well. Totally agree with your comments related to them too!

    There are some crazy people out there

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