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No, it’s not about the Witching Night.. Everyone writes about it, so I won’t do it ;)

Mythic announced the next Live Event called “Heavy Metal” .. I think Paul chose the name ;)

It’s an event around the introduction of the two missing tank careers, the Knights of the Blazing Sun and the Black Guard. The interesting points:

  • Tome quests which yield influence with nice rewards (basic: trophy; advanced: cloak; elite: headstart to play the new tank careers)

It’s an interesting approach to lessen the flood of starters of this careers as both will be pretty much liked. I dislike the fact that you have to do daily quests for reaching elite as it just feels like grind, but some people will like it and do it. I most likely will not do it as i don’t want to play such a career, but my Ironbreaker wants a heavy metal cloak! ;)

  • Exclusive scenario Reikland Tank Factory during this event

Well.. an exclusive scenario sounds nice. Breaks the routine, but on the other hand I think this will be the only scenario being played as it gives an Renown bonus of 10% .. Will this lead to lesser ORvR action? We’ll see.. Mixed feelings about the bonus. I think that it would be often played without any further reward as it’s new. No reason to drag people into it by the bonus.

This event starts on November 17th and lasts until December 1st.. So patch 1.1 will be shortly after this one, most likely not more than a week later.. Is this still fall? Well.. I think official winter start is at December 21st.. so it’s still fall ;)


Posted October 29, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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