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WAR is a game that is heavily dependent on the server population and the people that play there. It’s no static world with keeps changing owners and areas being controlled by different realms, handing out some bonus to the realm. This also effects the general gameplay like scenario queuing or getting steamrolled in ORvR. This is the backlash with a non-static world.

One has to keep that in mind when reading forums and blogs. When people complain about ORvR being dead/non-populated this doesn’t apply to every server out there. The game perception is heavily dependent on the server and it’s population.

I am playing on a server with no big guilds and high-population (no queues on both sides). Order and Destruction fight for keeps and the ownership changes quiet often with heavy battles going on at the evening. When I take a walk in the ORvR-lakes I most likely will find some action. Yesterday I played every T3-scenario without waiting longer than 3 minutes for it to pop up. So no “oh..just Tor Anroc” moaning from me. (Though I moaned as in the Talbec scenario we started with 2 players on the order side and 8 on destruction. The head start destruction got there couldn’t be compensated later on) I would say that the server is working as intended. On another server I hear that Order got some really good organized guilds and stomps Destruction in the ground. That’s also something which is rarely heard, but I think it’s out there…

So everything’s fine? No, as there are servers out there where population and therefore the game is unbalanced. I have no solution for this as this is mainly player driven mechanic and they behave sometimes rather spooky. ;)

I just wanted to remind everyone that experience you get while you play the game may differ heavily depending on the server you play. It’s normal for an MMO, as the fun in it is mostly dependent on the people you are playing with. There is no exception to this rule. A good guild or some friends multiply the fun a game is. Being an MMO WAR builds on this and emphasizes it much. It also adds the dynamic world control to it, so you are even more dependent on your realm mates and not only guild. So it’s up to your realm to make the game fun, not only Mythic.

Everyone know who frustrating it can be when you get steamrolled in a scenario/ORvR and how much fun it is when you play as a team and defeat the enemy or at least give them a good fight e.g. at keep defense. No loot mechanics involved, just hitting each other with nasty things..


Posted October 24, 2008 by Karic in Community, General, WAR

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  1. Dest are pretty much overpopulated on my server. We can take keeps and objectives, but we can never hold them. Hopefully it gets better when we can claim keeps and get into T4. In scenarios it’s a bit random. Sometimes we steamroll Dest and sometimes they have twice our numbers.

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