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One thing I really like in RvR fights (no matter what form of) is the collision detection.

It’s normally more important when I play the Ironbreaker. Just step into the way of that Witch elf which wants to run to you healer and hit your shield at the same time on the head of that Marauder.. Pure fun! ;) It gets frustrating as a tank when you step between some melee fighters and your healer and the healer doesn’t understand that he has to take one step back to get out of 5yd melee range and be in safety. No he just stands there and gets beaten down by that melee fighter.. Frustrating..mildly spoken ;)

When I’m a healer I sometimes try to get rid of those people who try to kill me using the collision detection. Just bring my tank between them and me, run around a group of other casters so that they block me and the melee fighter has got to switch targets or run around that big group.. In those seconds won I can spread out nice heals etc..

Yesterday I had to laugh because of collision detection. I played Phoenix Gate and there was.. surprisingly ;).. a Witch elf who captured our flag. She wanted to run past my Runepriest, used to cause fear/shock at a healer whom she approaches. I saw that some of our dps’ers and tanks where after her so I made a side step and blocked her. I just giggled as I could imagine the “WTF?!!” she must have thought. She stood there, running against my Runepriest and doing nothing to hurt me while our defensive strike team jumped at her.

Of course collision detection is also a source for panic, yelling, frustration and such..  Mourkain temple is a nice example for it as it has some bottlenecks where the soft armored dps’ers like to stand. As a healer it gets frustrating to try to get past them because you want to heal a melee char. On another occasion it gets frustrating when the tide of the battle changes and the whole pack gets pushed back. You can’t easily run through them. This slowdown is really something you don’t want to have ,)

All in all this collision detection makes fights really fun and I couldn’t think of any PvP action without it.

Posted October 23, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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