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Just some sort of vent-post .. ;)

There are many kinds of tome unlocks in WAR. Some can be get really easy .. e.g. just kill a orc or which is even more likely (and also gets you a title) get killed by an orc.

Some are not so easy as they involve exploring, crafting, etc.. or just track other parts of your life in WAR.

And there are those ridiculous ones like playing a scenario naked. This is the part where I get a bit grumpy. Those naked unlocks seem funny at the first glance, but I really find them annoying. It’s not only that it’s breaking immersion (which is not the ultimate argument for or against something but sometimes it feels important to me), but it also interferes with my gaming experience.

Someone playing naked just drops off any bonuses that his/her items gives them and intentionally plays with much less effectiveness leading to me putting much more work for achieving something than it would be needed if he/she wouldn’t play naked. In scenarios I find it even more annoying than in any PvE stuff, because in scenarios the teams are balanced in terms of participants, not in terms of #naked. So it really does matter if you play the best that you can or just go “just gimme that unlock”. To me it feels like afk’ers in WoW-BG, even if it’s not nearly the same.

Here Mythic rewards a play-style which is directed against your own team-mates (realm) and is also just visually annoying. I don’t need any characters running around naked, but the tome-unlock-hunters out there will try to make this unlock because they know that it is there.

So you naked out there: Grab your chain mail and kill those greenskins, don’t take a sunbath behaving like a elf!

Posted October 22, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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  1. I got the title “Lady Godiva” for summoning my mount in the city (don’t ask), made me laugh ;)

    But I keep my clothes on most of the time, and always in scenarios. In fact I don’t even heal people who are naked.

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