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In the last post I discussed my irritation on how people complain/insult at each other because the others don’t play their favorite game.

You are a moron because you watch Baseball. Basketball is for the hardcore!

Sounds irritating? Yes ;) So does it sound to me when I hear people complain about game/MMO XY and insult everyone who doesn’t play their favorite MMO Z.

But that was last post.. Today I want to talk about the perfect game. baseball. ;)

Everyone has something he/she wants in a game. With many players a game will have to satisfy different play-styles and needs. There are hardcore PvE’ers, hardcore PvP’ers, hardcore flower-pickers.. and not so hardcore type of gamers out there. So you as a game designer have to either make strong points or try the impossible and give everything to everyone. WAR is RvR-centric and put PvE on top of it .. It’s a niche product so to say, because RvR (better said PvP) is strongly negative biased because of WoW and the broad market would shy away because of the RvR stuff (though many PvE’ers got convinced that RvR in WAR is fun). WoW was clearly designed for PvE and I’ve never got the feeling that PvP was thoughtout. Does it make any of this games bad? No, but it gives many options to attack the game design.

And there we are..there is a saying here in germany going

Deutschland ist ein Land von 80 Millionen Nationaltrainern.

translated ;)

Germany is a country of 80 million national team managers.

A little bit of explanation:

Germany has got a population of roughly 80 million people and the most favorite sport is soccer/football. There is always complaining about something the team manager of the national football team decides and everyone knows exactly what should be done for our team winning.. of course everyone but the team manager himself ;)

The same goes with game design. Everyone seems to know how the perfect game should be designed for maximum fun. Rarely one can make a game design from the scratch. Anyone who tried it will find the heavy difficulties and decisions make game design not so easy as it seemed at first; e.g. how do you rate/score tanks in RvR:

  • damage done..nah..
  • healing done.. surely not..
  • (raw) damage taken.. does not necessarily show a good tanking behavior.

But as this is not part of the gamers point of view and interest we turn to discuss and argue about current state of the game. There is always that “career A is too strong”, “career B is too weak”,etc.

Funnily, most of the time the career A is on the opposite realm and if there is a career B, it’s on the own realm. I rarely read some “our damage dealers deal too much damage”, “our healers heal too much”,…

I don’t think that it’s most of the time done on the purpose of ultra-nerfing the other side. It’s something how that players experience the game, but this doesn’t have to be true sign for balance issues. I am an alt-a-holic. (Currently: R20 RP, R13 BW, R13 IB, R9 WH). It’s not a min/max-strategy..that’s obvious. I already experienced in WoW that the gaming experience drastically differs when playing other classes. In WAR this is the same.

With different perception of the game there comes different most-hated-careers. I thought for some time that witch elves are too overpowered (as my RP did not stand more than a second when such a elf popped up), but that leveled out and now I’m not really afraid if one or two are there.. A RP can tank them while the others take them out ;)

Playing a BW I see that I’m an heal-addict. As long as I’m backed up by a healer I can deal tremendous amount of damage to the enemies. If there is no healer around? Hello camp.. Haven’t I been around just 20s before? So anyone’s who’s complaining about BW, should blame the healers that they keep them alive..bloody ba**** *raises his fist* A friend of mine plays a BW (something in T4) and is already complaining that the backlash is too tough. So it all evens out I think.. Just because the scenario summary says that BW’s deal the most damage most of the time, this doesn’t imply that they are overpowered. In fact those scnenario summary often delivers strange numbers, but that is something completely different.

This is a lot longer post than I’ve expected.. So I will end now and postpone the rest for The quest for the holy grail.. (part 3).

Posted October 20, 2008 by Karic in Community, General

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