The quest for the holy grail.. (part 1)   Leave a comment

or as a subtitle “Do we need another inquisition?”.

Asking a Witch Hunter the answer would be a short and loud “Yes!”. ;) This time it’s nothing about Warhammer I want to talk, but more of MMO/gamer-stuff. I wanted to write this down back in August, but for some reason didn’t do it.

So.. What’s this inquisition about?! Gamers love their games and that is a good thing. It’s a hobby they enjoy (sometimes it’s more than just a hobby ..) and which takes up a good amount of their time. Just as any other hobby would do. As an example, in practice books about bass playing they recommend to at least practice one hour a day. That’s a grind! ;) What I really find disturbing is the behavior if there are other games/MMOs around and some people of your “beloved” dare to speak of it or even test it. Some get their pitchforks and torches out and are ready to form a mob.

Following the game for over a year and reading (WAR-related) forums for nearly the same time period the tone just got more harsh in the last couple of weeks (especially after the lifting of the NDA). It boils down to that WoW-WAR conflict. A side note: No ranting by Lotro, AoC, EVE, … players towards WAR. It’s just WoW.

It’s no big surprise as WoW is the market leader and the themes and settings are similar. Are they? I don’t think so, but this is just because I play WAR for some weeks now. It’s really hard to point out where the differences are, because on paper they don’t sound as much fun as they are in reality. Does this allow so much ranting and flaming in forums? Actually even the officials tend to smile and backstab each other in some more or less subtle way. This is more or less just a juggling with numbers which can be interpreted in different ways. That is the joy of statistics. Everything you want to know can be extracted from them. Even conflicting statements by the same numbers..

Getting back to the players of that MMOs.. What do you gain by making the other game sound bad? Nothing, as fun for your gaming time will not increase when the fellow players don’t enjoy the game in some way. Just pure numbers of players/accounts don’t make a good MMO that is fun. That numbers are important only to analysts in the marketing department and for the press.

Both games aim for different groups and everyone should decide which suits his/hers playstyle better. This is nothing you can enforce on someone. Either they like a game or not, this doesn’t depend on your own preferences. If someone doesn’t want to try out WAR, that’s ok. He/She will miss a lot of fun, but you can’t force someone to have fun ;)

So anyone reading blogs, forum-posts, … should keep in mind that this are all personal opinions. This are just bloggers/poster who enjoy games to more or less extent. No messiah stepping down that hill with the ultimate truth. (btw: Is that bush over there burning?) Everyone is free to having an opinion and also free to speak it out. Some people need to learn to respect that others opinion and some people need to learn that their opinion is not the ultimate truth..

So come back tomorrow to see why there are 700k players and 700k devs..

Posted October 17, 2008 by Karic in Community, General

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