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Today is the day of many, short postings by me ;)

Overall it looks like destruction has got more population than order and they stomp order to the ground. There are some islands where order fights back. At least at Erengrad (core) there are queues for both sides and the zone/keep control is changing rapidly.

At Huss the population is not as high as at Erengrad so there are no queues at all (either for destruction or order). There is no steamrolling of order. Actually I find many keeps kept by order. During prime time destruction fights back and there are some heavy fights going on. Yesterday I was really surprised. Order stood before two fortresses .. They were repelled, but it was close. No night time raid, nothing sneaky. So maybe this will not be the first city siege, nor the fastest, but one with much slaughter and killed servants of Chaos!

I’m not waiting for the fastest raid on Altdorf, as I think that the numbers (i.e. population) favors destruction anyways. I’m curious where order sieges the Inevitable City and if it’s a server with equal numbers or if outnumbered order can overcome that disadvantage.

The rebellion strikes back!


Posted October 14, 2008 by Karic in WAR

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