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Yesterday i took a walk with Zizlak (as in Huss scenarios and zone changing weren’t possible.)

Did some T1 scenarios as a shaman. Weird change from runepriest. ;)

Playing Khaine’s Embrace i started to wonder what will happen when a game ends in a tie? There are scenarios out there which most likely end in a low-score game. Khaine’s embrace can be such one. (In T2 it’s Phoenix Gate.)

201:200 for destruction.. So close to getting an answer to this question! I’ve yet seen no case of a draw game. Anyone has a clue what would happen when there is no winner by points? Is there a second rating, like damage/healing-done, kills, better hair-cut, artistical rating,…?

Alternative scoring system i would like to see:

Go to the next pub and sort this out by some beer. Well .. it’s a dwarven solution to this, but it could work!

Did I miss anything?

Posted October 14, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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