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ARunepriests are really annoying to level. I have difficulties to solo through a small group of NPCs which guard a questitem. They respawn as fast as i can kill them resulting in a trench warfare like in WW1. Bound to the oath to Valaya I could withstand the urge to use mustard gas. ;)

Just out of frustration (and because order in general lacks tanks) I created an Ironbreaker named Wahagrimm.

I don’t want to talk now about PvE stuff..  This time it’s all about RvR.

The ironbreaker surprised me. It’s way more fun than i expected a tank to be in RvR. Especially the collision detection bring in an element of fun and surprise for the enemy. I enjoy it when a marauder chases someone from my group and i step between them and he still tries to kill my group mate while i can snare or knock him down. The snare is also great fun..several witch elfs ran past me to get to the healers..I just snare them and the ranged dps take them out. Am I making much renown/XP out of this? To be honest.. I don’t care. It’s so much fun just to annoy the other side and to make sure that our dps and heal careers do what they are intended for, so that I don’t waste a moment to think if it’s XP/Renown efficient.

I was really surprised how much fun a more defensive tank can be in RvR. It’s not that I’m marauding through the enemy lines, but a tank who’s running through the enemy healers can be annoying, because of knockdowns, dots, snares etc..  There is only one thing.. You have to believe!

You have to believe, that there are healers out there watching over you. I had scenarios with few to none heals. In this I just died and died..and..died. With some healing I nearly tanked nearly endless time and could really annoy the enemies.

You have to believe, that the ranged DPS do their work. A tank can be really annoying..but he is no big danger (under a certain level) as he can easily be kept busy by snares, roots and such. DPSers need to concentrate on other targets. It was frustrating for me to see as a healer, that DPS careers focused on killing the tank, while the enemy healers could easily keep those alive. To me the priority list for killing looks like this (no claim of the ultimate truth..just personal opinion):

  • DPS, no matter what kind of. Those can be annoying to you healers. Just kill them and you healers can heal better and keep your side alive. They die relativly easy if focused by 2 DPS careers.
  • Healers. At least keep them busy on healing themselves. This prevents them from healing others or at least slows it down. Unless there is real focused fire it can be a futile attempt to kill a healer solo. If not totally futile it still costs a great amount of time.
  • Least priority: Tanks. They can be annoying, but without backup from DPS or healers they do not much harm to you. You can argue that guard slows you down in killing others, but they can’t guard the whole warband/scenario group.

To sum up, kill the support and a tank is more or less useless. ;)

A last note.. Wahagrimm had to suffer some mockery by Inomi. To his defense: A war vet who lost one eye is no beauty anymore, but as there is no artistic/esthetical rating in scenarios he still does his job!


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  1. Honey, I love you, but that doesn´t mean I have to look at you ;)

  2. I agree. I usually hit the healers first since they keep everyone else alive.

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