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Yesterday showed me both the ugly and nice faces of PUGs and RvR.

As I still have no guild I have to do all the group stuff in PUGs. Everyone will agree that this can be a really frustrating experience. There is little to none communication and therefore things like Phoenix Gate or Keep Sieges are doomed against an organised enemy.

This was the case when i logged in yesterday evening.. I wanted to do some PvE stuff and mix it up with Scenarios. After a short wait the first scenario popped up and I joined. It was Phoenix Gate. The enemy was well organised and just stomped us in the ground. I can live with that.. Then I thought about Mourkain Temple, this is mostly a nearly even fight if the people know what to do with the artifact. In the case of yesterdays PUG they did not. I mean, is it so difficult to read the instructions for the scenario and then as a dps-char try to grab the artifact and kill people while the healers just try to keep you alive? If seen some horrible ..generously called.. tactics there. I as a Runepriest even had to pick up the artifact because no one of the dps careers near the artifact wanted to take it. There are several /facepalm situations with a PUG in scenarios..

Another one happened again in Mourkain temple.. We took the artifact (this time a Warrior Priest had it.. not good, but better than me ;) ).. Two Runepriest secured him and we went back near the Order Camp. So three people agreed on a reasonable tactic that we can keep the artifact and slay many followers of Destruction.

The only problem was.. The rest of the Scenario group thought, that it would be more fun to fight near the Destruction camp. So while we held the artifact we had actually no benefit from it and lost the Scenario because of.. lack of knowledge/tactics from the PUG. (I’m trying not to get to angry in my tone here ;) )

As mentioned above we got stomped in Scenarios. I took a break and came back later to see if things changed. Order had some people organising a rebellion against the Destruction domination. There formed a warband (consisting of ~ 30 people, so you can call it zerg) and we took some of the keeps back for order. We managed to get back 3 keeps and another keep was defended by another group. Order stood up and fought. It was the only possible solution and this is the good thing about Open RvR.. It’s not balanced but everyone got a chance to do something. Why i think Scenarios are not balanced? I will write about it soon.. check back for that ;)

Just a funny side note.. I hate elves and elven keeps, especially when there are mobs with knockback. Yesterday I had to chuckle because I landed two times in a row on a small pole and did not fall down. No tome unlock for this..meh! ;)


Posted October 9, 2008 by Karic in Dwarves, General, WAR

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