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So some weeks past, guilds have formed and people are racing to the end-game..

I enjoy that travel to rank40 (currently having a rank 16 Runepriest, a rank 16 Engineer* and a rank 10 Bright Wizard), but I am without a guild up to now. So I’m missing some of the core element of the game.

As I already wrote, the communication between players is rare. (Just as I’m typing this Syp wrote something about it ;) Getting to T2 and Altdorf improves it a bit, but not enough to get in touch with some people and getting them/their chars to know.

WAR has tried to cut the need for some Addons or out-of-game activities with introducing guild calendars, Alliance chat or something like a guild tavern for meetings. What I’m really missing (and getting no hint if it exists) is that I can’t get a list of guilds and “browse” their descriptions to see if there is some guild I might be interested in.

So far I’ve only seen guilds which where formed outside the game. There is hardly any in-game recruiting. I’ve heard it once in Altdorf on the general chat channel, that was all. This is not the right place for it, but apparently the only possibility. Again, an upgrade to the search menu to see some guilds and their self-made descriptions (maybe with a recruiting officer to talk to) would be nice. (Maybe the search stuff is just bugged. I already did some searched and got weird results.**) An easy alternative would be some recruiting channel like in WoW. Better to have just a chat channel than nothing. But there has to be some advertising for such a channel and I don’t find it appropriate if this would be done by players. There is no world wide chat channel to advertise this recruitment channel, because something like /order is no default channel. So it would be really painful to get in contact with every player ..maybe ending in being banned for spam!? ;)

I find it irritating that a game that is so much focused on group and guild content offers so few possibilities to get in touch with them. No communication + no chance to get an idea what sort of guilds exists out there = frustration. At least for me. This dilutes the first M in MMO.

This is the first time that I will have to search for a guild in the interweb in some forums. This is some spooky experience and I wonder how this will turn out.

*The Engineer is in a guild (core non-RP), but as I’m more focused on the RP server (the engineer is waiting way to long in the queue ;) ) he doesn’t count to my statistics and he can be labeled as measurement error. ;)


** I never dealt much with WARDB and right now i found the guild-profile search option. That’s again a out-of-game solution and doesn’t count all guilds, but it’s ok. Doesn’t start the “wohoo”-feeling but at least a list to browse. No info on RP, gaming behaviour, etc. there.. Just make me go “hum hum”..


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  1. Hey, just thought I’d pop in and tell you thanks for adding me to your sidebar! I like what you have going here, so I’ll add you to mine too!

    Take care!


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