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Head start is over..more people are now coming in. I’m curious if this will revive channel communication, better said.. Will it activate the channels.

During OB and the head start the channels were..dead. I can count the messages sent there on one hand. So are the other in-game communications. The open grouping system cut the need to talk to people. You hop in for a PQ or RvR and hop out when you don’t care any more. No talks.. And very rarely anyone reacted on my attempts to bring life to the group. It was just a mere kill, kill, kill.. loot, go away.

The reasons for this might be:

  • People are busy with getting used to the game. Communication forms are not a top priority for this.
  • The people who pre-ordered are fixed on guild activities. They formed/joined guilds before beta and the whole guilds are forming, leaving non-guildies to low-priority status.
  • As i mentioned before the RP server i play on is no real RP server. This lack of communication is not only on channels, but also in groups or /say. When I tried to start some spontaneous RP most people didn’t react.

This lack of communication is discouraging for unbiased new players. It makes it hard to find a guild to play with as recruitment is mostly over or happens outside of the game. Without a guild or live communication MMOs, especially something like WAR which is build around groups, get frustrating. I will therefore change the server I’m playing on because a friend of mine plays on a Core server and he invited me to join his guild.

RP without interaction from other players is no RP. So any plans I made for the WAR will/have change(d). ;)


Posted September 18, 2008 by Karic in Community, WAR

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  1. Same with the beta, everyone was quiet as heck.

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