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As to now I’ve only experienced the <rank10 stuff and I really felt home. It all went smooth and I got kicked to the areas where the PvE-quest stuff is and enjoyed the T1 scenarios and some Open field RvR (Chapter 3 dwarven PQ with RvR-flag is just fun ;) ). Did some PQs and really enjoyed the time.

I felt the layout of the UI 90% good and had some deja vu feeling with it. I don’t mention the tab-targeting here because i think that it’s implemented in no good way. The PvE quests are known and in a good way connected to each other so that you don’t have too much time in running around with no purpose.

So there’s many stuff which I’m already comfortable with because I know it from some other game. What i began to ask myself is if this is a good or a bad sign? I mean.. everything felt like it should or i was used to from WoW. This comparison has to be made because it has (most probably, I’m still not sure what exactly Blizzards counts) the most subscribers and if you as a MMO company don’t get all new customers, most of them will come from WoW.

For me it’s perfectly alright how Mythic has designed WAR as there are many things which are improved and added to the standard MMO. But in the first ten ranks those things are not too obvious and people who are not decided might oversee this stuff and think ..”that’s a WoW clone. not even 2.0″. You can ignore the rants on the net, but how does this “feeling home” affect those who might want to try WAR but are not sure if they want to leave that long played chars behind? Looking at the bare mechanics .. you can’t convince those people.  Letting them play (more than just 5 ranks) and experience will surely do it. Most people aren’t used to that they get almost everything that is called “end-game” in other games right from the beginning. As I lately told my girlfriend “The end-game starts with rank1”.

On the other hand.. Do you have to think about converting undecided players? WAR is imo a strong game which speaks for itself if you care to test it. If someone doesn’t want to test it, he/she should not be tried to be persuaded. This is no crusade, just a game. ;)

Though WAR offers some surprising moments which might turn someones opinions:

  • hey..Usually I’m more of a Carebear, but RvR is fun!
  • PQs are grind.. but fun!
  • Whee..I don’t want to run around anymore. My feet hurt. I think I’m gonna read some stuff in the Tome of Knowledge.
  • and so forth.. ;)

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