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OB went completely different than i expected.

It began with the OB disaster and had that downtime on Friday (Patch 4.1.1 issues ;) ), but at the rest of the time i could test some stuff.

Here are my impressions of different careers. I played (other than planned before):

  • Witchhunter R6RR4
  • Swordmaster R8RR6
  • Zealot R8RR6
  • Sorceress R6R2 (Open RvR server)

I start with the least played class. The Sorceress. Even at such low level she can deal a good punch. If shes made of glass? No idea (read later on the Swordmaster about glass ;) ) Is she a cannon? Yes! The dark magic mechanic works good but I hardly cared about it; kept it around 70-100 for more damage. I just so rarely blew up that I had not to care about it.

The Witchhunter, well Melee it is.. DPS? Didn’t not do that much imo. The Accusation mechanic is just fun.. I scream “Witch! Witch!” and pointed at some people, but that is another story ;) The career has a nice vibe and it’s fun to play. Nothing to argue about, but nothing that really catches me. DPS careers are imo too.. limited in group play.

Leading me to the Zealot.  No mechanic, again a great vibe to it and just pure fun! Solo in PVE he could easily stand his ground. RvR is just fun, throwing around some dots, instant-cast damage spells or just stay covered and heal around where nobody can see you. I really laughed when a Blackorc gone berserk in Nordenwatch and no one registered the two Shamans and my Zealot back on the hill. With the Zealot i learned how to evade Melee dps by simply running around the other ranged classes. Players tend to stick at you and run against other squishy classes without switching the target. So it’s irrelevant if there stands a tank or “squishy” guy. It doesn’t work 100% but gives you sometimes some seconds to heal or a tank to come near you and rescue you. A healer in RvR has much options and much to care about.. It’s really fun for me.

So the last career. The Swordmaster. This was the only career I didn’t play solo. I had a friend with me who played an Archmage. Tank and Healer is a very nice combo. In PvE it doesn’t matter as the Archmage as well as the Swordmaster could do really well. The stance system of the Swordmaster was not my thing. It was too sluggish. You had to watch at the cooldown timers and the balance was not correctly shown. It’s not my kind of game. We did some Khaine’s embrace runs.. where i just..evaporated. I felt like a glass tank ;) Open field RvR was also just limited fun, but this can be attributed to T1. Such a small RvR lake leads to camping at the entrance points and so we encountered R11 DoKs who just waited for us. Actually we two could not defeat a single DoK who was two ranks above us. That’s the problem with the tank/healer combo without masteries. No damage ;) Actually the Meleehealers seemed really robust and indestructible if engaged in 1vs1. It reminded me on Homer Simpson “I’m invincible.. Invincible..aaaaaaah” ;)

All in all i think that dark elves have really high dps careers. The highest dps race i think. In PQs everything just evaported without the need of a tank. The open RvR servers aren’t my case. I really enjoyed the mix of PvE with Scenarios and Open field RvR. At open RvR servers Scenarios are non existent; i waited over an hour and still nothing happened. The Zealot emphasized my choice for the Runepriest. The Witch-hunter showed me that i don’t like Melee DPS careers and the Swordmaster was just too much elf to let me decide if i like tanks. ;)


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