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So finally..I’m in OB.. but I will write about my first impressions maybe later.

The topic now are the graphics. How important is the graphic quality?

From the first public shows on people always complained that the graphics in WAR are dull, cartooney and such.. Is this necessarily a bad thing? I don’t think so, because the gameplay is so much fun that there is no need for hyper-realistic, blown-up graphics. OK, I’m a bit biased there because i already enjoy text-based MUDs ;)

Mythic stated several times that the performance is more important than extraordinary graphics-settings. This is to me one of the keys to a successful AAA MMO. With high quality graphics you appeal to the ones who got a good computer, but will you hit the mass market? I doubt it. In a game the need  for high quality graphics cards just excludes so many people that you as a company would hurt yourself. Back then at WoW i wondered how low specced computers where out there. Those people just play the game because it allows them to play it without spending several hundreds of € for new graphic cards, etc..

Surely there should be the possibility to crank the settings up if you have a good machine, but at the end of the day there has to be one question answered “Did this bring more fun to the game?”. I was quiet surprised how much fun this game is right from the beginning. Would it be more fun if e.g. the textures would be more detailed? I don’t think so. The atmosphere was dense, you could feel that there is war all around you.. That is the point the graphics have to deliver, atmosphere! And that is what they do very good.

With that atmosphere and a good gameplay I don’t miss extra-good graphics. Which doesn’t mean that i dislike WAR’s graphics. I really like it. Nothing outstanding spectacular, but i really like it.. Did I mention that i like it? ;)

I want an MMO which runs also good if i have several hundreds of players on the screen. I don’t want a “Impressions from my holidays in Altdorf” slides show, i.e. single digit fps in RvR. For high-quality graphical stuff i prefer single player games where i don’t mind some drop downs in framerate.

Looking around in the forums i just wonder if I’m alone with this attitude? Is cosmetics more important than the gameplay? What would Conan say to this? ;)

Posted September 10, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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  1. Gameplay and content > graphics any day.

    I actually prefer WAR’s graphics to WoW and AoC. It’s darker and more realistic than WoW, and way less demanding than AoC. When dealing with big crowds you can’t have too nice graphics, just look at AoC and it’s sieges.

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