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I said i don’t want to write anything more to that OB fiasco, but..well.. i just decided that i have to write something down about the new (temporary) validation system.

There are some things that really annoys me about it:

It’s clearly a workaround to the failed system that was planned in the first. This is ok and i accept the lack of comfort when hacking in my codes there. What i really find annoying is the lack of feedback. I can wait for the keys to get validated for hours (actually..i put in my codes yesterday at 18:00 and today 13:00 there is still no sign of acceptance/denial), but now i start to think about if i have input anything correct. There is absolutely no feedback; I just want to receive an e-mail which states that my keys are received and are going to be checked.

And GOA themselves did things to make things more complicated (taken from

The letter ‘I’ can sometimes look like the number ‘1’
Likewise on some printed sheets, the letters ‘D’ and ‘O’ may be hard to tell apart
A zero will be printed as an ‘O’ with a line through it.

Yes, this is obvious information. As i put in my codes yesterday i already asked myself “Why do they use O and 0 in the key?”. It’s one of the most stupid things you can do when generating such a code. (*breathes in and out*). This could have been foreseen by GOA. I think Mythic claimed back some weeks ago that they don’t use O and 0 in the same keys.

GOA would have made their work much easier if they would automatically generate that e-mail without the need for checking the keys. This would not make people stress the server with unnecessary input in form of reposting of keys which are in the printed form hard to read. Two heavy faults which just emphasize this OB fiasco.


Posted September 9, 2008 by Karic in General

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