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This is not some vent-post or complaint about the start of the OB in EU…Well..maybe sort of.. ;)

It’s more a sequel to this post by me. The advantages of a head start program.

OB here in EU should have started today, with servers up in the early afternoon. It’s 17:00, so early is gone and there are still some severe issues with the account-management. (414 ! ;))

Last sign of any GOA CM in forums was hours ago. Forums are getting rough and this all turns out to be a marketing disaster. In the past weeks there were some concerns about the account-center and GOA said that it will all be fine and the server/databanks can handle this. It was a ok argument, but now they screwed it up and the confidence towards their ability to handle such a big title like WAR seems to be doubted by many people out there.

Many now claim that it was obvious that letting an account-center go live on the same day as the servers is a severe error and those people seem to be right. What the biggest problem to me is, is the silence from GOA CM’s.

Mythic and lately GOA tried to throw out much information to the community out there and now it’s just silence. This leads to much speculation, rant/ventposts and build up of.. “negative energy”. How can anyone enjoy a game when there is at first a hour-long waiting for account setup? This will only lead to negative publicity. Could it be any worse? Atm i don’t think so. This already scares “neutral”, possible customers off.

As i’m writing this a Magnus posted something at WHA. I don’t think that this kind of post was a smart move either. As one can see at the replies the mood out there is heavily loaded and this sort of post doesn’t provide the by this time necessary information to calm them down.. GOA is now in a stage were they can only lose if they don’t offer some compensation for this.. inconvenience. They scared people off and made many of the staying ones negatively biased.

Now i lean back and watch how the mob evolves.. I think that there are already some folks with pitchforks and torches out there at GOA HQ ;)


Posted September 7, 2008 by Karic in General

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