A message from da boss   1 comment

Regis, started it..and called for other races versions. I think this would be a good Greenskin one ;)


I’m not sure how good everybody understands the Greenskin language. So i decided to translate this message:

I, your gracious leader, hereby proclaim that there are some rude folks out there who cause some distress in our lives. I ask you to go out there and ask them if they are so kind to leave us alone in our land. If necessary you are allowed to discuss it in some more..physical..form. Take care!
Sincerely yours Grumlok

As everyone can see..The Greenskin language is highly efficient. This can be seen here as the message from the leader is significantly more compact in the orginal version than the translated one.


Posted September 5, 2008 by Karic in General, Greenskins, WAR

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