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I just stumbled upon a german forum post at Onlinewelten by Sterntaler, the german GOA CM.

It’s rather old, 15th of August..but still a info that escaped my notice up to now.

Es wird für die deutsche Community vier verschiedene Serverarten geben: Standard und offenes RvR, jeweils RP oder nicht. Zu den exakten Zahlen kann ich noch nichts sagen.

Ok, as not everyone understands german i translate it..

There will be 4 server types for the german community: Core and Open RvR, both with and without RP. No exact info on the numbers.

And as i think this will not be german-only treatment, but every language will get this at least.  This means that at least this server types are fixed. Maybe i just have overseen it, but this is the first time an official statement has been made on that matter. Though it’s still nothing  by Mythic or other GOA staff on that topic, but i think it’s trustworthy.


Posted September 2, 2008 by Karic in General

One response to “Sterntaler on server types

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  1. Oh aye there was an announcement made a while ago about the four server sets.

    Rulesets for the Open RvR are still being tweaked and will be released soon.

    Core and RPCore are pretty much normal.

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