Time to get used to..   6 comments

the translations. *shivers*

For a unknown reason I did only read english blogs/forums and didn’t care about the german ones. In fact every time i started to read german posts e.g. on the WAR-EU site or in german forums i was immediately turned off because of the translations and to some degree because of the lack of any good german forum. Most of the time the people there were totally biased through too much WoW/DaoC-playing or totally lacking any information that was thrown at them even on the official side. I couldn’t read that too general questions anymore…

Now the release date is approaching and i have to get used to that community, because playing in a different time zone or language seems not appropriate to me, as WAR is based around groups. This means that i have get used to the German names of some WAR stuff and to roughly translate a slang phrase “my toenails fold up” ..

There are some 1:1 translations, e.g. the Ironbreaker will be “Eisenbrecher”, Chosen will be “Auserkorener” Just translated word by word. It’s ok to get used to it, though I’m interested to see if the abbreviation will be IB or EB, because back in WoW English abbreviations were used for classes and stuff.

There are also some really weird translations, like: Witch elf -> Hexenkriegerin, which means something like witch warrior. The Marauder will be the “Chaosbarbar”. I think that I’ll call them Barber now ;)

And there is one thing that just looks too odd to me. It’s the PQ which is abbreviated ÖQ. (For those non-german speakers, the ö sounds similar the u in “further”. Thanks to Inomi for that example ;)) Looks silly and sounds silly, not like a war term ;) In fact the ä,ö,ü are dead letters on my keyboard which i rarely use ;)

Posted September 1, 2008 by Karic in Community, General

6 responses to “Time to get used to..

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  1. I’m so with you on this one, hope there’ll be an english client that you can download and use, like for WoW.
    Btw, I’ll never say “ÖQ” EVER … that just sounds too lame.

  2. Thankfully Swedish is not a big enough language to have it’s own language pack. After reading countless horrible translated novels and movie titles, I’m more than happy with English ;)

  3. I thought you could pick a language to install in, but I may be wrong

  4. Yes, you can choose a different language to install, but the problem remains.
    You will find ÖQ-groups rather than PQ. There is still the need to get used to the translated terms.

  5. Why don’t you just play on a english speaking server?

  6. Well..if it’s native speaker, than there is a time difference problem.
    Even that one little hour to the UK can make things difficult. I know how difficult this can be when watching Snooker ;) It’s manageable, but turns me somehow off.

    If it’s a non-native speaker english speaking server..well, about that i don’t even want to think about ;)
    I will stick to german and get used to the new terms. I think the language for certain elements of the game will degenerate to some sort of denglish (it’s a german expression for a non-correct mixing of german (deutsch ;)) and english). Maybe playing with the client set on english. Not sure about the last, though.

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