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Though i’m tempted to write about Mark Jacobs report of the Preview Weekend, i will not. I think that the problems during that weekend will be covered by some other blogs where people played at the PW. I’m not in beta or played the PW, so i could just reproduce the experience from others which makes no sense..

Today i write more or less solely for myself, because i recently started to think about career/realm selection. It’s some kind of brainstorming ;)

After leaving WoW i was 100% confident that i don’t want to play at a faction meant to be “the good guys”. Back in the days where i played some RvR-kind of MUDs and in WoW i always had problems with many people who chose that side. I’m not sure why, but most of the time i had more fun being at the side known as “the bad guys”.

So i planned to play Destruction.. I like to play healers and the Shaman mechanic seems very attractive to me. I like that mixing of ranged dps and healing. Furthermore the Goblins are small.. which for some unknown reason i always like. I play Dwarves since my first pen&paper RPG. This makes LARPs terrible for me. I’m 1,96m tall in real life and no one believes that you are a dwarf ;)

There happened two things which made me rethink my plans..

  • Destruction seems very popular.
  • The first video i saw with a Runepriest (Reinforced by Arbitrary)

Both are really important for me. I don’t like playing a popular faction. I have no clue why. Maybe i just like the challenge when being at a weaker side. I know that the current polls are not significant, but this tendency makes me think about the choice at which realm i will play.

The first time i saw a Runepriest cast a spell and saw a rune appear, i went “”. Rune magic is exactly what i like as being cast by dwarves! It seems to fit extremely well. Secondly.. if given the chance i always play dwarf, even if it’s heavily underpowered. I like playing them as RP chars.. It’s just fun.

So..summing up. I have no clue what i want to play. Both the Runepriest and the Shaman seem very attractive to me. I will most likely reserve the names on two RP servers, but i don’t know yet what will be my main char.


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  1. I played both in the open beta to be honest. My personal preference was the Rune Priest because I liked having no mechanic. Shaman had so much personality though, I just enjoyed it!

    The problem with picking a ‘side’ is that now a lot of people will be thinking the same way as you – and it’ll get harder and harder to predict the underpopulated side.

    Also, on a RP server things may be differently balanced.

    I’m going Order because my guild’s plan has always been to go Order. If they changed their minds, I would too – but I would miss my dwarf. Have a feeling Order might be higher population on a RP server, but we’ll see!

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