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I have ordered my CE way back in march when the CE program started. One of the reasons was the OB-access, as i didn’t believed to get into CB (which was a right assumption ;) ).

One of the reasons for applying to the CB was, that i wanted to see how the game evolves to the finished state (and of course that i am excited about the game (design)). OB is the more or less finished game with just some server stress tests.. at least in my opinion.

Now NDA is lifted and i can read many beta impressions. The OB isn’t that far away and ..strange to say.. i’m a little bit relieved that it only lasts one week.

Because there is the problem of the first impression…you only get one ,)

I’m a alt-a-holic, so i’m used to play some content again and again, but it’s always something different to play it with your main/first-char. I think that i’m not alone when fearing that losing of special moments when discovering a game. I think it was Syp who called them “holy crap”-moments in the latest ChaosCast. As it was already mentioned in several blogs, the re-playability in WAR is high. You don’t have to be afraid of getting that “seen that..done that” feeling. Nevertheless i’m a bit concerned about it. Not in a negative way..

It’s like being a child and waiting for the  Christmas presents..this excitement before you can open them ;)

I’m still figuring out what i want to do in the OB. Later in the live game i want to play Runepriest and/or Shaman, so this racial paring is out for testing because i want that fresh moment at head start. I maybe want to alt a Magus..so Chaos is out too. Elves are just.. out, because they are elves. I play now for over 16 years dwarfs .. i can’t play/see elves without seeing my aggression-bar rising ;)

So the only thing i can test in OB is the Empire.. I think that one week is enough to get the feeling of the game without endangering that special moments when discovering the game with a personal char, not a test char who gets wiped.


Posted August 22, 2008 by Karic in General, WAR

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