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Because people have too much time   1 comment

Found this at TenTonhammer forums and went “Yikes”:

So it’s possible to play pink Orcs! That people hop on it and start thinking about a “Hello Kitty!”-Guild…

So i guess Paul Barnett lost a bet, as i think everyone knows he exclaimed in a production podcast:

“No pink Orcs!” ..

Or they start debating whether that magenta tone is pink or not ;) I’m not sure if Mythic sees this as a problem or not. I for myself don’t want to see pink orcs in the game post-beta.


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One thing i love about the new cinematic Trailer..   Leave a comment


I think everyone agrees that the second cinematic Trailer about WAR is awesome!

There is one little detail that i discovered at the second viewing..where i laughed out loud.

The forces of Destruction retreat from the city to let the demon get in. The forces of Order gather and watch what will come through that gate. The only one who looks somewhat relaxed is the dwarven engineer. He takes a sip out of the beer mug. Beer is more important than any chaos demon!

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Fear of beta   Leave a comment

I have ordered my CE way back in march when the CE program started. One of the reasons was the OB-access, as i didn’t believed to get into CB (which was a right assumption ;) ).

One of the reasons for applying to the CB was, that i wanted to see how the game evolves to the finished state (and of course that i am excited about the game (design)). OB is the more or less finished game with just some server stress tests.. at least in my opinion.

Now NDA is lifted and i can read many beta impressions. The OB isn’t that far away and ..strange to say.. i’m a little bit relieved that it only lasts one week.

Because there is the problem of the first impression…you only get one ,)

I’m a alt-a-holic, so i’m used to play some content again and again, but it’s always something different to play it with your main/first-char. I think that i’m not alone when fearing that losing of special moments when discovering a game. I think it was Syp who called them “holy crap”-moments in the latest ChaosCast. As it was already mentioned in several blogs, the re-playability in WAR is high. You don’t have to be afraid of getting that “seen that..done that” feeling. Nevertheless i’m a bit concerned about it. Not in a negative way..

It’s like being a child and waiting for the  Christmas presents..this excitement before you can open them ;)

I’m still figuring out what i want to do in the OB. Later in the live game i want to play Runepriest and/or Shaman, so this racial paring is out for testing because i want that fresh moment at head start. I maybe want to alt a Chaos is out too. Elves are just.. out, because they are elves. I play now for over 16 years dwarfs .. i can’t play/see elves without seeing my aggression-bar rising ;)

So the only thing i can test in OB is the Empire.. I think that one week is enough to get the feeling of the game without endangering that special moments when discovering the game with a personal char, not a test char who gets wiped.

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