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Many reviews/reports about WAR are now around at blogs and such. Of course there is always the question asked: How is the career balance?

When reading the answers, there is just one conclusion you can draw: Nerf/Boost all classes ;)

As the posters (at least the ones i’ve read) try to be honest about their experience at the beta, the problem comes from personal perception, not necessarily from career imbalance. For example I saw some reviews stating “shaman’s are too strong (dps-wise) and because of their healing can withstand a decent amount of beating”  to “shaman’s are to squishy and their damage output is negligible”. Same thing with other classes. It’s quiet naturally that the careers feel different from different viewing angles.

That’s a thing i already saw in WoW. The personal perception of a career/class might be misleading even though you know it well and try to be objective. This makes it difficult to get a good feel for class balance, because sometimes you feel to squishy or just not putting enough damage on that enemy, even though you are doing it ok (looking at raw numbers).

Class balance (or at least the feeling of it) is a important issue for any RvR/PvP based game. It just kills the fun in the game if some careers seem over/under-powered.

I’m curious how this evolves. Mythic/GOA has no official forums where those “whine”-threads can happen or the playerbase can word their problems. Mythic (MJB to be a little more precise) stated in several interviews that they are having a few trusted players for getting their personal view on (career) balance. Mythic/GOA staff is also present in several forums to get that community feedback on balancing. Let’s see how the respond to those “Nerf career X”-threads. MJB stated several times that they have data collecting scripts for that balance issues build in the game to closely observe the naked numbers.

Right now it seems that the feeling for balanced classes is not 100% there.. This is a topic i will be watching for the next couple of weeks. ;)

Posted August 21, 2008 by Karic in WAR

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