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The NDA is down and so naturally the reports, reviews and such pop up on many forums and blogs.

I’m interested in the game mechanics and “feeling” of the game and i am not seeking information of how to make 930943 tome unlocks in 2 days or level to rank40 in less then x hours of play time (exaggerating a bit .. i know ;) ). So i’m quiet picky of what i read, always in the danger to see some info i’m not seeking.

Reading blogs is somewhat “safe” as most of the posts have good titles (way better than mine) and i can sort out what i want to read and what not.

Forums are somewhat different as a topic and the content of that thread can be drastically different. Everyone knows that sometimes threads get slightly off-topic. There is one thing i know wish that those forums had: A Spoiler function. A Spoiler function? Yes! ;)

Let me explain it to you:

While playing ZacMcKracken2 (a fan-made sequel to the famous LucasArts game) there where some puzzles which i couldn’t solve. At the game web page there was a forum with hints for solving them.

When posting hints there was a build-in function (just like the quote,list,… functions) where you could mark parts of your post as potential spoilers. This allowed you to give a rough hint and within the “spoiler”-field more precise ones. In the post, the spoiler field was hidden and only a button labeled “spoiler” was visible. As a reader it allowed you to see more information if the rough hint wasn’t enough for you just by clicking that button.

Such an option would demand a great amount of self-control from the posters..but i think that this would make it more enjoyable for reading forums for many people. As a reader you wouldn’t have to be afraid of losing that “explorer”-effect when getting a tome unlock or something similar. With too much information there is always the possibility of losing that.. magical moment.

But as such a feature won’t be implemented on any forums now, i have to be careful what i read trying not to find too much information.


Posted August 20, 2008 by Karic in Community, General

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